“Best Home Improvement Blog of 2019” Awarded to Happy Haute Home

Who doesn’t love to be recognized for hard work? A pat on the back goes a long way in keeping us motivated to continue on our path to success. 

Happy Haute Home Nominated for the Best Home Improvement Blog in 2019

Much to my surprise, Happy Haute Home (that’s me) was nominated for an award by BUILD MAGAZINE and after careful consideration, was chosen to win “The Best Home Improvement Blog of 2019” award! How cool is that!? I mean..WOW! 💃💃💃 (Me doing a happy dance!)

Winners of the 2019 Home and Garden Awards Just Announced

The nominations began last October and the winners have just been announced by the Magazine. BUILD is a quarterly digital publication, based out of England and showcases some of the most innovative leaders, creative brands and dedicated firms shaping the industry today from the world of architecture & design, engineering, and property.

2019 Home and Garden Awards Winners List

My award for “The Best Home Improvement Blog of 2019” was included as part of the Home and Garden Awards HERE. The purpose of these awards is to showcase businesses and enterprises that provide products and services which make our living environment not just a place in which we exist, but the embodiment of our hopes and dreams.

happy birtday, ashley!The winners list HERE includes creative minds from landscaping and interior design to cleaners and carpenters. The Home and Garden Awards are designed to highlight those industries that truly make a house a home. Awards are based on skill, determination and dedication to ensuring our clients and customers can create their dream homes.

To be included amongst these prestigious brands and companies is a great honor. I am very humbled to win this award, heck I am thrilled just to be nominated!

Many Thanks to YOU ALL

I wouldn’t continue doing this without the love from my readers and followers. A huge thanks to you all! I appreciate the support you show me, the kind comments you leave me, the likes and follows you give me, the sharing you do and the love you show me. 💝💕🥰 😘

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25 thoughts on ““Best Home Improvement Blog of 2019” Awarded to Happy Haute Home

  1. You so deserve this award Denise. All your hard work pays off plus showcases your immense talent. Great pat on the back for you.

    1. Thanks Bettye!! I am honored – hard work does pay off sometimes – in the smallest ways.

    1. I was so thrilled to be nominated Laura and I appreciate your sweet words. Thank you so much for following along!

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