How to Save Thousands by Buying Your Air Conditioning System Direct

Heating and cooling our homes is something most of us take for granted … until we get uncomfortable – then it becomes a priority!

So, what do you do when that first hot day of summer kicks in and you adjust the thermostat to cool and …. Nothing Happens? Like most homeowners you probably do a quick search online for a local HVAC service company, get a few to come out and give you quotes for installing a new AC system, and then do a double-take at the $10,000 quote!

imageThe secret that the HVAC service industry doesn’t want you to know is that you can save thousands of dollars on your new heating and cooling system by buying your HVAC units online and shipped directly to your home by avoiding the huge markup they add to the equipment prices.

It’s true: The industry of local service providers’ most guarded secret is that you don’t have to buy the equipment through them.

fullsizeoutput_a152Online sellers, like, can sell directly to homeowners, like you, at wholesale pricing, delivered right to your home, ready for installation.

The average customer saves $3,000 – $4,000 and can be as much as $6,000 – $10,000 depending on how big your home is and the kind of equipment you need.

Everybody loves to save money, but most homeowners are not HVAC experts – and that’s why has developed an easy 3-step process to demystify the experience. The key to saving money is understanding that you don’t have to be an HVAC expert to buy your equipment – anyone can do this and save thousands of dollars.

Step 1: Build your shopping list:

Ninety percent of residential HVAC installs are for replacements.  That means that when your heating and air conditioner were working, you were happy with the comfort of your home and you just need to replace what you already had. The great news is that most replacements are for units 15 years or older and since efficiency has increased so much, you’re going to be able to get a much more efficient unit for less than you think, so you’ll also be saving on your utility bills!

114UkC31QsO3YIYe982r3gThe easy way to build your shopping list is to take the quote that you received from the local service company and search for comparable units at The brand doesn’t need to be the same since most installers have a contract with a specific brand … what’s important are the specs:

  1. Type of System: Split System (AC outside; furnace inside) or Packaged Unit (all in one, usually outside)
  2. Air Conditioner: Size and efficiency (Tonnage and SEER)
  3. Furnace: Fuel type, BTUs and Air Flow of your Furnace

For example, you may need a Split system with a 2.5 Ton 14 SEER AC and a 60,000 BTU upflow furnace.

And if you don’t have a quote from a professional, simply go out to your units and take a photo of the tag and then you can easily find the info after a quick online search for the manufacturer and model #.

Step 2: Shopping Online:

Once you have your shopping list, simply go to and you can either type them into the search bar or navigate through the categories. To navigate, simply select the category that fits your system type (AC/Furnace, AC only, etc.) and then use the filters at the left to narrow down your choices to find a match for your old system.

If at anytime you’re not sure how to decide between choices, simply open a chat with a Customer Service rep or call. Have your shopping list ready, plus a good idea of the square footage you’re trying to heat or cool. They’ll walk you through how to get the right system.

Step 3: Installation:

Putting in a replacement HVAC system is a job for a professional and there are many out there in your area willing to put in direct-purchased equipment. The larger service companies in your area probably won’t be interested since they earn most of their income on the high markup of selling you the equipment. Search for a smaller firm or solo contractor who is a certified HVAC technician (many of these also do electric or plumbing contracting).

Hr37r4NdQSC9HIQRZmcXWwBeware of pushback from an installer trying to sell you equipment: The two most common arguments are that it’s illegal to buy your equipment online and buying online would void your warranty. Both of these are untrue, anyone can buy equipment online, but most HVAC systems are not DIY projects, so only a licensed installer can install and that keeps you within your warranty.

That’s it! Three steps to save thousands of dollars. And the biggest part of all is just realizing that the option is even there.

For more on this, you can reach out to the, who helped with this article by providing information on industry practices and the steps involved in buying direct. Their customer service hours are M-F 8am-10pm and Sat. 10-4 EST; 1-800-397-1392.

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