Insanely Fabulous Foyer Entrances

I have struggled with our foyer entrance since we moved into our home three years ago. The space is enormous and very grand with a ton of potential.

But my budget for the space is not very grand so I need to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. We have made small changes to the space over the past three years from its original design.

fullsizeoutput_a236  Seriously? Where do I begin? The space is soo overdone, it’s intimidating to tackle. From the dark walls, curtains, carpet on the stairs, double chandeliers, intricate railings and the ceiling? Let’s just say I have my work cut out for me 😬

When I start planning and visualizing a home renovation, I like to find inspiration from others. As I have previously posted, I love the designs of home builder The Fox Group.

FGC-MilitaryWay_71The clean and elegant look of their foyers has me swooning each and every time.

FGC-FoxHome_41The unique details of the wood flooring combined with intricate wall molding is so elegant.

FGC_Herbert_12The use of two colors, dark brown and white, hardwood floors and white walls makes this foyer fabulous.

FGC-Claybourne_27There is so much detail on the foyer walls, there is no need for furniture or art.

FGC_Sunnyside_Entry6A colorful rug runner adds a pop of color to this staircase but the detail speaks for itself.

FGC_Herbert1845_33Sleek and simple, two colors…gorgeous.

FGC_Herbert1845_38Glass french doors break up the wall molding and add a beautiful touch to the entrance.

FGC_Parleys_staircaseA checkered tile pattern and white walls with an elegant staircase.

Image 6-25-19 at 3.31 PM (1)This modern farmhouse foyer has shiplap walls and white oak hardwood floors.

FGC_Michigan1933_06Classic, coastal, modern, and transitional.

FGC_Wanderer_Entry3The extensive use of molding by the Fox Group is a classic look that will never go out of style.

FGC_Wanderer_Entry2Simple lighting adds to the casual elegance of the space.

FGC_Yalecrest_foyer2These foyers are just the inspiration I need for our foyer project. While budgetary restrictions prohibit me from using elaborate wainscoting throughout our foyer..I hope to achieve an updated and modern look with classic changes that will create a beautiful and serene space we will enjoy for years.

More to come on our foyer renovation project! Stay tuned!



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12 thoughts on “Insanely Fabulous Foyer Entrances

    1. Me too Marianne, my favorite!! I’d love to rip up all our flooring and put down white oak! But it’s a lot of flooring! 😬

      1. You’re so kind thank you. It’s just so overdone!🙄 Too bad I don’t like it because I know the prior owner spent a ton on a designer.

    1. Hi Toya! Just finishing up Phase two..phew! Couple more phases to go! Thanks for following along!

  1. Would you know the source for the light fixture in the white and dark brown foyer…. the fixture is gold and has 8 shades? Thanks. I know this post was quite a while ago.

  2. As a homeowner who had a TON of moulding in the house… let me just say one word: dusting. imagine every Saturday going up a ladder or taking out a giant telescoping pole to clean /dust every nook and cranny on that moulding esp close to the 15-25 foot ceilings. No fun. Guess if you have a cleaning service its no big deal. Gorgeous but not practical.

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