A French Country Home Limestone Fireplace

I have a weakness for Limestone fireplaces. Ok, I said it..now everyone knows my truth.

This weakness of mine causes me to obsess over having one or more of these gorgeous beauties in our home. As I ponder the reasonableness or absurdity of renovating multiple fireplaces in our abode, I look for inspiration in homes I have visited in the past and online.

fullsizeoutput_a344This is the fireplace in our sunroom. Over the last few years, the mantel has undergone a mini renovation, you won’t believe the before picture, check out How to Update a Fireplace on a Budget. I also painted the granite slab that rests on top of the mantel, you can read more about that in Is It Possible to Paint a Granite Surface?

Painting the mantel and granite dramatically improved the appearance of our fireplace BUT I still don’t love it or even like it. From what I can tell, the original fireplace was wood burning and the prior owner made it gas. My vision for our fireplace is to return it to wood burning and replace the surround with a large limestone mantel! I’m smiling at the thought. 😁

localimagereader.ashxThis home is for sale in our area and I just love the limestone mantel. I don’t mind the black smokey marks on the surface either…adds character 😉

localimagereader.ashxThis is the other side of the fireplace also outfitted with a similar style mantel and smokey marks.

fullsizeoutput_a311This home was also for sale in our area, and again loving the oversized limestone mantel.

A similar style mantel with brick flooring speaks to me. It’s say “hey I’m casual and elegant. Come “chill” and I’ll warm you up”.

This limestone mantel says “I’m modern and clean looking and I’m cooking with gas”! (pun intended..again)

This mantel says “I am understated elegance with my wood beams and black windows” and I respond back…I love you.

This mantel says “bring your friends and stay a while, I have plenty of space in here”.

This mantel say “I’m large and in charge of this room”!

This mantel says “ooh la la…I love being in this boudoir”.

What does this mantel say? “I’ll keep you warm from the draft of all those doors”!

This mantel says “I’m so versatile, I can even go outdoors”!

I will continue to dream about having a limestone mantel but I have yet to look into the cost of attaining one of these beauties, something tells me they aren’t cheap. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…more to come 😉



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14 thoughts on “A French Country Home Limestone Fireplace

  1. Are you kidding? Your mantel far outshines anything in the photos and goes so well with the room. Please look at your room from the long view. My home was recently on a garden tour and I really sweated the small stuff (because that is how I see our garden). Guess what, everyone loved it and commented on the colour combinations and ‘vistas’.

    1. Hi Karen, good point. It’s important to see our home thru different eyes. I do have other plans for the room, like adding wood beams which will change the look of the room, but I understand your perspective. Thanks for your comment!

    1. I love it too Mel! Yes dreaming of a covered patio space too. My dream list goes on for days 😉

  2. Denise – I enjoyed reading what some of the fireplaces whisper…
    so fun – so clever
    and nice to see the various photos and different ideas

    1. So glad you liked it! I have a side to me that doesn’t come out much in my writing..I try to repress it and keep it more “gentil” 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it Barbara! This kind of writing is the real me…I’m feeling a bit repressed in my writing these days. Thanks for the encouragement.💃

  3. By far one of my favorite post–it was great to see another side of you! I was wanting to read more about what the mantel was saying! Also, I love your fireplace–however, all were just as beautiful. XOXO

    1. LOL Thanks Toya! It’s a side only a few see…it can get pretty cray cray 😉 I appreciate your comments about our mantel…I wish I could see thru other’s eyes…mine are terribly critical!

  4. I liked the captions too! But I prefer your fireplace. I still have a wood burning fireplace, but never use it, too much mess to clean up, so I just put some birch logs in it to look pretty. I don’t like gas either, so plan on getting an electric insert at some point.

    1. Hi Joni, really? Ugh…you guys are making this decision a tough one 😉 Gas in convenient for sure but doesn’t have the same ambiance wood burning has, but yes definitely messy. I have 3 other gas fireplaces in the house, so giving up one seems easy 🙂

      1. I like that idea Joni 😉 There’s nothing like a crackling roaring fire for ambiance. I miss having one, even though they are a pain to clean.

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