Is It Possible to Paint a Granite Surface?

Have you thought about replacing a granite countertop because you don’t love the color? Replacing a granite countertop is a pricy option, what if it were possible to paint it instead? Well, I tried it.

eV2cF0RpQ%qEIiTnz+cifwA recent renovation to this room in our home, involved updating the fireplace color to white HERE and repainting the walls HERE.

Now that those updates have been completed, the slab of granite lying on top of the fireplace looks outdated with the new colors in the room.

CgoiJ+wdRw+ACEuA5iZybwThe granite has dark brown and gold tones, not liking it one bit with the white fireplace.

The first step in prepping for this job is to prepare the surface well by cleaning it with a degreaser. In this case, the countertop felt rough and had paint drippings on the surface.

qCH15y3EROaeYrWpMT6SegAfter cleaning, it is important to dull the granite by roughing up the surface with steel wool until all the gloss has been scuffed away. Wipe the granite and grout clean of all dust, and dry it completely.

I also recommend using painter’s tape to protect all the surfaces around your granite. I had the advantage of being able to move the granite slab away from the wall, so I didn’t use tape to keep the edges clean.

IJwnniw6RIOO4fbkIkKi4w*Affiliate links are included for your convenience at no cost to you*

After discussing my project with the team at Benjamin Moore, they recommended using this primer HERE, which adheres to pretty much anything. For the paint, I chose a metallic paint with a bit of a shimmer HERE, both available on Amazon. I purchased a small bottle since I wasn’t covering much surface area.

c53mBrynSnqSZuBjXFxYTAThe primer is thick and went on easily with a small nappy roller. I applied 2 coats of primer, which provided good coverage.

0BgA7UV2Rh60oEAmiFw0oQAllow each coat to dry at least 4 hours.

zz%Snd%CTKucyPoRwwF8VgI painted on 2 coats of the metallic paint using a new roller, again allowing each coat to dry several hours.

fullsizeoutput_7934The primer and paint appear to be holding up very well, I even tried to scratch the surface with my nail, and it didn’t budge.

RGjNXd8vTSyAg8iEDW7jwwPainting over granite is definitely a new and interesting option for homeowners. Maybe if more homeowners choose this option over replacing it will drive down the price of granite? 🙂

fullsizeoutput_7938My thoughts on the topic? I recommend to anyone who is thinking of painting a granite surface to start with a small project in the home, such as a granite fireplace surround and use an oil based paint. I do not recommend starting out with kitchen or bathroom countertops, those are big projects and you want to see how the surface will wear with different uses.

Painting granite worked for me and I would do it again in the future. How about you, think you will give it a try?

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24 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Paint a Granite Surface?

    1. I was surprised at well, fully ready to discard the granite if the job went sour…but no need…very happy with the results 🙂

      1. I always thought because of the stones natural property, painting it wouldn’t dry with a uniform color. The way you primed it must have made all the difference 👍👏

      2. Yes I believe it’s all about the primer, pretty much anything will stick to this stuff.

    1. Thanks. It’s amazing the things that can be done today with so many new products hitting the shelves. It’s a new world for repurposing.

    1. Thanks Lynn. I was prepared to throw away the granite if the project didn’t work, but I fully understand your hesitation!

    1. Not sure Marty. I would suggest trying a small area and determining how it will hold up, the secret is the bonding agent (primer) so it might work. I wish you luck, thanks for stopping by.

  1. It is absolutely beautiful. You are a genius. it’s been a while since I last left you a comment. I was away for a whole month. I am now back at blogging and checking what every one been up to. Checking on you. And will come back tomorrrow, too late over here now.

      1. Thank you so much. I maybe doing well, but I caught the cold and having some headaches and sore throats. I will surely be well soon. You take care and will come read some more at yours when I am better. going to relax.

  2. A beautiful metallic! I would love to do something similar but I have a tiled granite fireplace. I’ve been struggling to find information on how to paint tiled granite. Thanks for sharing your beautiful fireplace.

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