Our Wedding at “The Inn at Little Washington”

This week my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary. The day brings back so many wonderful memories of our wedding, I’d like to share the details of our special day with you.

Our wedding was over 15 years ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. Most of us remember the very important events in our lives, such as weddings and the birth of our children. We re-live the incredible day over and over in our heads and relish in the precious moments. We remember the setting vividly and small details of the day will never be forgotten.

Why Did We Choose the Inn at Little Washington to Get Married?

My husband and I chose a small intimate gathering for our special event. Considering the guest list was small, consisting mostly of family, we splurged on the venue and the food. We wanted the setting to be as memorable as the day itself, so we chose our very favorite restaurant in which to be married.

Fine food has always been a big part of my life, growing up the daughter of a french chef. Eating at fine restaurants was common when I was a child and is still a big part of our lives today.

At the time, my husband to be and I were both working and very independent. We never expected our parents to pay or chip in for our wedding, instead we wanted to treat the ones we love to a special experience in a setting they would always remember. We chose the finest restaurant in the Washington DC area – The Inn at Little Washington. I mean, if you’re going to go all out – GO BIG! 😉

fullsizeoutput_aaf0This 3 star Michelin rated restaurant is second to none and still reigns strong in the greater metropolitan area today. It is located over an hours drive from DC and so worth the trip. We love this restaurant so much, we were also engaged there 🙂 Check out Wedding Engagement at the “Inn at Little Washington.


Our Suite at The Inn at Little Washington

We spent our wedding night at the Inn and reserved the largest suite on the property. The suite has 2 stories, with the sleeping area being on the upper level.

DCP_0587At the time, there were limited areas on the property where one could be married. This suite has a balcony attached to it, and accommodates up to 15 guests, which was the perfect size of our party. We very much wanted our ceremony to be outdoors.

The entire suite was stunning and we were told by staff that this is Paul Newman’s favorite room! OMG I slept in the same bed as Paul Newman?! 🤯

DCP_0588The Inn was so easy to work with in arranging a wedding. All the flowers were done professionally and the chaplain at the Inn was the one who married us.

DCP_0638We reserved a second room for my parents and this is where I prepared myself before the ceremony. And yes, my hair was bright red! 😉

DCP_0646We took pictures in the room, as I hung out with mom and dad.

DCP_0706We exchanged our vows outside on the balcony in front of God and our families.

fullsizeoutput_8f8cThe ceremony was beautiful and not very long. I do remember it being extremely hot, as it was late August.

fullsizeoutput_8f8dOur families, my husband and I sat down for an exquisite 5 course dinner in the main dining room of the Inn. Before dinner, we quickly snapped a picture in the lush gardens -which was a bit of a faux pas as the Inn greatly values the privacy of their guests 🤫. After dinner, we went back to our suite to cut a gorgeous cake made by their amazing pastry chefs.

DCP_0835  The cake was beautifully prepared and everything on the tray was edible.

DCP_0841We toasted to the incredible day and our future together.

DCP_0845The event was exhilarating, intimate, memorable, and joyous. The Inn at Little Washington is still our very favorite restaurant and one we hope to visit again very soon.

The Inn has expanded over the last 15 years and there are many other properties in the town of Little Washington, Virginia that are now owned by the Inn. These properties allow for larger wedding parties while still retaining the elegance and intimacy we come to expect from the Inn.  This restaurant is and always will hold a special place in our hearts and will always be number one in our book.

Thanks for joining me in a walk down memory lane.



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    1. Hi Joni! LOL my bright red hair was fashionable back in the day 😉 Thanks for the compliment on the wedding dress. It’s a Vera Wang – I bought off the rack and got an amazing deal. Maybe my daughter can wear it one day? Always a please when you stop by my friend.

  1. Oh Denise you are so beautiful! And so happy! What a wonderful wedding and a lovely place! 💗 When I get out that way, I’m definitely going to go visit the Inn and have dinner – it sounds fabulous! Happy Anniversary my friend!

    1. Hello sweet friend, it is such a memorable and fabulous place to dine. I very much hope you get to visit, you will cherish the memories for a lifetime. 😘

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