Hardscape Design -“Backyard Patio Reveal” – Well…Sort of (Part 5)

This is year two of our large outdoor project, and I feel like we are just getting started. Year two of this multi year renovation brought frustration and disappointment but hopes for a brighter future.

Problems with Past Outdoor Projects

Like any renovation project, multiple issues arise throughout the process. This year I’m still dealing with front of the house projects that were completed last year…or so I thought they were completed. More Repairs to Our Flagstone Walkway is one of those projects. “Deer Resistant”? Yea Right!! Calling Out the Label is another that keeps giving and giving 🤨 I won’t rehash the issues we had with those projects, you can catch up by visiting the links.

Outdoor Projects Completed to Date

I do have high hopes for our backyard, let’s discuss what has been completed so far.

Hardscape Design – Replacing Outdoor Patio Steps for Safety Reasons (Part 4)

Hardscape Design – Laying a Concrete Foundation for the Backyard Patio (Part 3)

Hardscape Design – Outdoor Fireplace Demolition (Part 2)

Hardscape Design – Patio Demolition (Part 1)

Travertine Patio Reveal

A year in the making and we now have a beautiful new large travertine patio. Installation was a long process, as we waited months for the stones to arrive from Turkey. You can check out the before pictures in the links above. But you’re probably wondering what the “sort of” in the title means? Do we have a usable patio? Yes. Is it finished and ready to use? Well, sort of.

A typical reveal will show a fully completed and styled space. This isn’t that. I can’t do a full reveal of our patio project…just yet.

ZrYidUMbRlqNwkRYRnFVyQNumber one issue – no countertop on the outdoor kitchen! If you remember, we had to remove the corbels that were holding up the countertop to lay the stone. I have tried to get a repairman to reset the marble but finding the proper mounting brackets has proven to be a challenge. But there is a silver lining…😉

BB+V4GvfS7SfobiHbf7ZzgThe more I think about this space and how it will be used – the more I want to change it…like tear it all down! 😬  Sounds crazy right!? It wouldn’t be the first time…remember the outdoor fireplace demolition – check out the link above.

In a perfect world, I would have done this before we layed a new patio…yea I know 🙄. But I think my idea for the space will yield much better use than the present kitchen.

mvJLjUY1SXyexYO5g%QcRQThe patio isn’t styled with new furniture or landscape and the tattered red umbrella has seen better days. A lonely badminton net sits in the middle of the yard and Bentley hangs out on top of the hill.

Dv42LI2MQ7izeJlSdkZZpwWe are still deciding on how to best utilize the space…taking into consideration our plans for next year 🙂 🙌

8xy7oeJ7QPO7du2mvZQcbABut we are very pleased with the patio and the large travertine tiles we selected.

k+84cp4MQX6qo4jBVgOEyQSelecting the Right Natural Stone for a Patio or Pool Project took a lot of thought and we are very happy with the shapes, sizes, pattern, and color.

+3%Pvl9QSo2zMvUfM60qMAMy Failed Attempt at Creating an Outdoor Courtyard Oasis doesn’t feel like such a failure anymore… as I have new plans for the space 🙂

fullsizeoutput_ab18So for now, we have a usable patio, a table, and six chairs. But all good things come to those who wait. Creating the project in phases (for obvious budgetary reasons) has proven to be the right decision and is allowing us to delve deeper into how we want to utilize the space and plan for the next phase. As much as I’d like to hurry to complete each part, going slowly and thoughtfully planning out the stages of our renovation will yield greater returns than rushing to get it done quickly. We are taking our time and thoroughly thinking through each stage. The process is evolving and changing with time. In the end, we will have a space we are thoroughly happy with and will want to use often to enjoy with family and friends.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned to hear more about the next stage of our backyard project!

We also have one more BIG Outdoor Project we want to complete by the end of the year. Can anyone guess what it is? Follow along on Instagram stories HERE for daily updates.



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15 thoughts on “Hardscape Design -“Backyard Patio Reveal” – Well…Sort of (Part 5)

    1. Hi Joe! It’s coming along..slowly. Each phase creates new ideas which I like. I don’t want regrets later…I want to see and know all the options now and prepare accordingly. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Oh I love your travertine – the patio is beautiful Denise! You chose well. 💛 Can’t wait to see the next phase! Badminton anyone? 😁

    1. LOL! My husband put the net up at the beginning of summer, let’s say – it’s not getting the use I had hoped. I had a net growing up and used it everyday with my friends. How times have changed now that kids have devices. Hoping one day they will love our yard and want to spend time there with their friends. Thanks for visiting friend!

  2. It looks large and spacious and peaceful – better to take your time and do it in stages, then rush to get it done and decide you don’t like it!

    1. You’re so right Joni…it has happened before unfortunately. It turned out nicely, we are happy so far 🙂 How’s your kitchen coming along?

      1. It’s done Denise – finally finished mid-July, then I spent the past 6 weeks trying to enjoy summer. I will blog on it sometime this fall, with before and after pics. It turned out great, no major problems anyway. I was looking at your Instagram pics using the link on your last blog (I don’t do Instagram myself) and my kitchen cupboards are very similar to the ones on your Instagram, only I couldn’t do mullions which I wanted as my space was too small, so I just did clear glass.

      2. I look forward to your post Joni! I love the glass doors we have, great choice. I would have loved mullion as well, but we need new cabinets for that…one day 🙂

    1. The colors in the stone are pretty and will go with so many other outdoor elements you are right. Thank you for visiting my friend!

  3. Hi! Love your blog! I live somewhat near you in the Annapolis area! We are also about to embark on a new pool project. Smaller in scale then yours but since we are in the same climate do you mind if I pick your brain on some pool related questions? I love the look of travertine but might have to go with a concrete paver instead! Are there any issues with it with the freezing temperatures here from time to time? What outdoor fridge do you have? Is the stone on your grill area stone veneer? If so, what brand and color? Thanks so much!

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