Helpful Hints and Tips for Making an Awesome Balloon Banner, Balloon Backdrop or Balloon Garland

In this post, I am going to detail helpful hints and tips for making an awesome balloon banner, balloon backdrop or balloon garland.

How to Make a Balloon Banner, Balloon Backdrop, or Ballon Garland

In a prior post How to Make a Balloon Banner, Balloon Backdrop, or Balloon Garland I detailed the exact steps for making an eight foot balloon banner using three colors. An 8 foot banner uses approximately 66 balloons.

Recently, I made a 25 foot banner using 125 balloons with four colors. I was throwing a good friend a birthday party and I wanted to incorporate her favorite colors into the bash. My banner consisted of pearlized teal balloons and deep purple, light purple and white balloons. 

I made one big change to the banner making process this go around, and it saved me so much time.

T85NJx3pTd21vUzkSBigHA1.) I used an electric balloon pump! WOW, what a difference. I blew up 125 balloons in less than 30 minutes. No joke, the difference is astonishing.

Hw8SBtmmRs6O1CpS+lyKYgUsing a manual pump is tiring and very time consuming. The difference between a manual and an electric pump is night and day. I highly recommend the electric pump if you want to make a ballon banner…you will not regret it. The pump also has the capability to blow up 2 balloons at the same time. I didn’t use that function, but it would have cut my time in half.

Tip: You can buy all 12 inch balloons and blow 50% of them up half way, or you could just purchase 9 inch balloons. Nine inch balloons only come in certain colors, so don’t stress if you can’t find your favorite color. The 12 inch ones work just fine.

WQlSguCZSseJ2QDn0nSaKQ2.) Another change I made this go around, was to use small rubber bands to tie all my like colored balloons together. My fingers were a bit tired after tying 125 balloons, so I was happy to have the rubber bands on hand. Rubber bands aren’t necessary, just a nice convenience to have, it makes the process easier.

fullsizeoutput_acbb3.) I used curling ribbon again, but a clear fishing line works too.

fullsizeoutput_acbd4.) I created 30 sets of 4 balloon clusters with the 4 colors. I made the clusters by tying like colored balloons together. For example, 2 green and 2 light purple will make 1 cluster or 2 whites and 2 dark purple balloons will make another cluster. I used several different color combinations for the clusters, which was possible since I was using four colors.

Tip: When I tie my clusters, I use 2 larger and 2 smaller balloons to make a cluster.

Tip: I did not cluster all my balloons. I kept several single balloons to the side to be used to fill gaps during the hanging process.

neZ%dzEhTL+5O79Dqa1sig5.) Once all my clusters were formed, I started attaching them to the ribbon. Leave at least 2 feet of ribbon at each end – this will be used to hang the banner. Wrap the ribbon around each cluster and continue adding them to the ribbon.

VrsBKPdIRPS3NIGMYayHZQ6.)  If you want to have a fuller end, pull the balloons close together to create a puffy look. For example, if your banner will lie on the ground when done, you may want a very full group of balloons at the end of the banner.

If your banner will be short and only hang on the wall and not drop to the floor, don’t pull the clusters close together, leave them in a line.

Continue adding all the clusters to the ribbon.

ea0GYLCtQIeqYiOKODMOXg7.) Hang the banner using these hooks. I used 2 of them, one on each side.

fullsizeoutput_ad048.) I added single balloons to my banner using these. In a few places where I saw gaps – I added in single balloons. I also added a couple extra balloons to the tail to create a very full look.

Tip: You could also add large accent balloons to certain areas of the banner like the corners, but it’s not necessary. The banner looks beautiful as is but if you want to go the extra mile, add in single accent balloons.

i0jBBxPKRl2sBKXQ4uvV7w9.) The banner was beautiful and looked fabulous. As an added touch, I added the “Happy Birthday Balloons” which I blew up with the pump as well.

Tip: You can build your banner several days before your event and the balloons will stay fresh. My banner is still up and looks great. I created it over a week ago and the balloons are deflating at a very slow pace.

ArHKQt9QSlq4f0U6t7NBOgAn evening view of the banner hanging in the foyer area of our home.

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  1. Wow – another beauty of a banner Denise! I love the balloon blower! I bet your friend was so impressed – I know I am! 🙂 Thanks for the great tutorial! ❤️

    1. Thanks Barbara. I was very happy with how it turned out. And the electric blower was a game changer! My friend was very happy indeed 🙂

    1. How nice of you. Can you believe the banner is still up? 🤣 The smaller balloons have deflated about 50% but I’m surprised at how nice it still looks 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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