Exterior Home Modernization “One Room Challenge” (Week 2) Prepping the Brick for Primer

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge is here, it seems to have come around rather quickly.


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This round will complete my sixth season of the “One Room Challenge”. So many other talented people are also participating as guests, please check out their spaces HERE.

Prior Weeks Progress of our Exterior Modernization

This season, I am modernizing the exterior of our home. You can catch up on the details from last week below.

I have been wanting to paint our brick for years. I absolutely love all white homes and adore white painted brick homes! I am so excited to be able to finally realize my dream of having an all white home. But getting to that end result is going to be stressful.

I will share with you everything I learn about the process of painting brick. Painting exterior brick is such a heated issue, so many people for it and many others against the idea. I’ve done my research and believe that we are making the right decision for us and our home.

Power Wash Brick Before Applying Paint

Once the decision has been made to paint brick, the very first step in prepping the home is to power wash the brick. This step is very important and must be done to achieve a successful paint job. The brick will also have to dry completely before any paint or primer is applied.

The first day of our project was spent power washing the exterior brick and all the windows and trim.

6jolA39dSMulKwlhhF%VPgThe gutters and dormers were washed as well.

X5l5aJtWRz6TuPsC3+v7QQMake sure all the windows are fully closed and locked during the power washing process!

8QoOzWVPSMuc97jA9O2ClA.jpgWe discovered that these windows high up in our room were not locked. Water started coming into the house and dripped down the wall. As soon as I told the workers what was happening, they came inside, cleaned up the mess and securely locked the windows for me.

Picking a Paint Color for Exterior Brick

94B59ADA-E245-484F-BAE3-8B809E593D28It’s been a stressful week trying to determine the color of exterior paint we want to use on the brick. I tested 6 color samples and I believe the choice has been made. It is very important to test the color on the brick surface! Do not skip this step and test on other surfaces and then hold it up to the house. To get the most accurate results…test on the brick surface and look at it often…in the morning, in the evening, when it’s sunny, and when it’s cloudy.

My Inspiration for a White Painted Brick Home

Sharing some inspiration photos from my Pinterest page.







This home has similarities to our home, in that it doesn’t have shutters on the windows and the brick has end caps or coins.

9aR9%ZbvQ0K+a6YGQvNRcwAnd this is our yellow and brown brick home.

Rain is in the forecast this week, so my painters won’t be coming back until the weather clears up. When they return, they will continue painting the window trim and gutters. What color did we decide to pick for trim, gutters and brick? Stay tuned!

Coming to the blog next week – Exterior White Paints!

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16 thoughts on “Exterior Home Modernization “One Room Challenge” (Week 2) Prepping the Brick for Primer

    1. Thanks Ingrid! The primer is going on today and it looks like a different house! There are so many whites out there, it was hard picking the right one. Wish me luck…there’s no turning back now!

  1. I,m usually in the not paint brick but I agree that the two tone brick on your home looks dated. What a huge project but so well worth the effort. Looking forward to your next post. The difference is going to be dramatic.

    1. Hi Karen! I’m so glad you said that. I couldn’t agree more. I’ll pass your comment into my hubby who wasn’t 100% in agreement 😉 YES the difference will be crazy dramatic! I can’t wait 🙂

    1. Hi Mel. Can I tell you how thrilled I am for this project?! This is a big deal, while I’m slightly nervous about choosing the color…I am jumping up and down too with excitement! So happy you are following along on the journey.

  2. Oh it’s going to look so great! (Those are lovely inspiration pictures, btw – I love the one with the before and after!) So can’t wait to see yours! 🙂 Go get em! ❤️

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