White House Christmas Tour 2019

On December 1, the first lady unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas Decorations!

The “Spirit of America” was this year’s theme. Elements of the theme are seen throughout the White House, floral emblems of every US state and territory hangs from the official White House Christmas Tree and design moldings representing some of America’s greatest landmarks line the walls of the East Colonnade.

Being a native Washingtonian myself, I grew up with the Washingtonian Magazine. I remember the magazine being delivered to our home and I would sit on the sofa for hours looking at the glossy photos and being particularly interested in the food and DC real estate sections. My dad was a french chef working in DC and often was reviewed by the Magazine. It was always very exciting when my dad’s restaurant made the list of top 100 Best Restaurants in DC. To this day..there is no better local restaurant guide than the 100 Very Best Restaurants in Washington DC .

As I love the magazine, it is my go to source for magnificent pictures of the White House Christmas decorations. Enjoy the tour!

10AAE18C-44A4-48F1-A05C-F1CF49C41B99The East Colonnade highlights a timeline of American design and architecture from the country’s early days through the modern era.

CB433B12-6576-40C2-AF00-21EF329A9263This is the cross hall of the White House adorned with green and gold trees of varying sizes.

F2C343E0-9E0E-4E06-AEE3-5F2E82BE4FDDThe reflection on the marble floor adds to the magical look of the glistening trees.

C7B9D634-FE1F-48C2-AD5B-FE2BB3087D76A view of the East Room from the State Dining Room.

1A9197C9-CCC8-402B-93E0-08D9FB7BE9BCThe entrance to the Blue Room, which houses the official White House Christmas Tree.

A60FC17A-FA76-4AD6-9F6E-A816AD2AD3FEMeasuring over 18-feet tall, the 2019 White House Christmas Tree comes from Mahantongo Valley Farms in Pennsylvania.

10DE1E17-57C3-43DC-8A8D-FE980F563567The Gold Star Family Tree honors US military members and their families and is the very first tree to welcome guests to the East Wing.

A533BB71-F864-4477-AB7B-48128DC9C3FDThe White House Crèche inside the East Room. Two magnificent trees decorated with blue velvet ribbon flank the Crèche.

1EF4E439-0E99-4006-9B5B-D0B3D575C6A5Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s portrait sits on display in the Vermeil Room, which features bouquets of blush roses and soft hues of gold.

FA715EDD-75B1-49CF-B1BC-23023D45202FA small part of the 1,600 piece White House silver vermeil collection sits on display in the Vermeil Room and check out the garland on the mantle!

2F699DAE-2050-4513-A3D9-BD82A2F2713DThe Grand Foyer and Cross Hall boast a “glistening winter garden” theme this year, including 22 evergreens, 14 golden magnolia topiaries, and 10 floral urns.

B53C21AE-B4F6-4A5A-B13D-A64CFEFC3D37The State Dining Room’s mantle is very elaborate and adorned with a garland of red roses.

98036AE1-3827-42BC-90BC-EFAB13A406C9Christmas tales adorn the mantle and Christmas tree inside the Green Room.

532DA233-067E-4026-8D2E-48EC21AABF11The ground floor corridor has white marble walls and a portrait of former First Lady Laura Bush.

16C880BE-F1D0-46E4-8BB1-0542EDED8A54The annual Christmas cards of recent presidents and first families hang in the East Garden Room.

C26DC91E-A3D4-4FD5-A10B-4FFF288C8536The Library is adorned with White House Historical Association ornaments.

DC01FDFD-70F4-4228-81EB-3CC271A3E740The Grand Staircase connects the White House’s State Floor with the First Family’s official home on the Second Floor.

93FACA83-9CA6-4997-95CA-99DEFEBE03C1The Red Room is decorated with wreaths, garland, and a gorgeous tree.

FB2D577F-6792-4698-9808-F91DC846F858The White House advent calendar hangs in the windows of the Green Room.

4DD731F6-4EBE-4F0C-B7BA-7BBBE83E48A5The entrance to the Blue Room, viewed from the Grand Foyer.

C6F97D8B-28D9-498E-BF86-CF23B20AC544A decorative “house of cards” sits in the Red Room, made from official White House playing decks.

6B141966-2355-44B9-AB0F-25D415394441This year’s Gingerbread House is constructed from 200 lbs. of dough and covered in 25 lbs. of icing.

6DDB8733-BCB9-4790-A8AD-A614D2A212BAMembers of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band perform inside the Grand Foyer.

WOW, what a magnificent display of Christmas Decor! Check out the official White House 2019 Christmas Video HERE

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I hope you enjoyed, as much as I did, a tour of the White House 2019 Christmas Decor. I get so much inspiration from these pictures and I love learning how the designers incorporate Christmas into the elaborate decor of the White House. I’m done drooling over these photos for now, and have to get back to my own decorating!! More to come!



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4 thoughts on “White House Christmas Tour 2019

  1. Wow – what a place! I’m amazed at all the different themes and how beautiful they all are! Thanks for this lovely look! 💗 Hope you have more fun with your own decorating – I can’t wait to see everything!

    1. Isn’t it beautiful? I would love to take a tour and check out all the different room themes. Over here…I’m exhausted. Spent all day yesterday on our foyer…moving a bit slower today. Hope to be done soon! How’s your decorating going?

    1. Those were my favorite too Joni. I love the reflection also. I have something a tad similar here, I’ll share once I’m done!

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