Christmas Dining Room 2019

This years dining room has a very outdoorsy feel and is all about simple and organic elements.

Salvaged natural wood, greenery, linen, and outdoor elements make up our dining room this Christmas season. No fuss, no muss…keeping it simple.

DIning Room Christmas 2019-2Cedar, cypress, boxwoods, and paperwhites.

DIning Room Christmas 2019-3Natural Belgium linens sitting a top silky softness.

DIning Room Christmas 2019-4Brass candles…

DIning Room Christmas 2019-5And a touch of red.

DIning Room Christmas 2019-6A white linen table runner..

DIning Room Christmas 2019-7Paperwhites getting ready to bloom…

DIning Room Christmas 2019-8A live wreath in the window..

DIning Room Christmas 2019-9Brass flatware…

DIning Room Christmas 2019-10Plenty of natural sunlight..

DIning Room Christmas 2019-11And feelings of the outdoors at Christmastime.

DIning Room Christmas 2019-12Pinecones, twigs, nuts, and birch…

DIning Room Christmas 2019-13And always white flickering candles.

DIning Room Christmas 2019-14A quiet sense of calm…

DIning Room Christmas 2019As tree trimming and plans for festivities are made…

DIning Room Christmas 2019-1While still remembering the true meaning of Christmas. Plenty more to come…

Check out my Youtube video of our Christmas Dining Room HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Christmas Dining Room 2019

  1. Classic but then Haute Home Freshness snd elegance – I like the center piece and all the white – and the napkin rings do bring that perfect red – with natural greens –
    In demeber – our neighbor’s son sold natural wreaths ((for scouts I think ))and I bought the first one reluctantly – but wanted to support his fundraiser – well it was so awesome because the smell and entire vibe – – there is a difference

    1. I love natural wreaths too! There is no denying the scent and feeling they give to us at Christmastime. All mine are on the outside of the house 🙂 I put several wreaths in the windows. They went up before Thanksgiving and I hope they will last through Christmas. On the inside I have pieces of live greenery and I love the smell as well!

  2. Gorgeous Denise! 💗 I love the gentle woodsy vibe – the red is just perfect! Lovely as always!

  3. PS. I was noticing you now have your photos marked with your website name, and was wondering what program you used to do that? Someone tried to explain using a watermark to me once and it sounded so complicated I never tried it.

    1. Yes I did start using a logo. I’ve been putting it off because it is an extra step or two in the blogging process but now that I have it down, I’ll probably keep it up. I use Watermark Pro for the Mac. It’s a bit quirky and took me a while to figure out. You have the buy the premium version if you want to watermark several pics at one time. Hope that helps

      1. Thanks…..I’m a Windows person myself. I seem to remember it as having a lot of steps, but it does look nice on your photos!

      2. It’s definitely an added burden to an already long editing photo process but the more I do it, the quicker it gets 🙂

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