Transitioning to Post Christmas Home Decor

And so it begins. The after Christmas clean up….or in our home…the slow transition back to Winter Decor.

It took me 3 months to plan and decorate for the holidays, it will be a slow process to return back to normal. I very much enjoy our decor and I am in no hurry to pack everything up and be done with Christmas. Temperatures outside are chilly, and I don’t believe Winter has quite hit the east coast as of yet.

In our home, I believe in transitioning to Winter Decor. What does that mean? Let’s start with the obvious.

After Christmas DecorRemoving the live wreaths from the outdoor windows. I’m happy they lasted as long as they did, as they were put up before Thanksgiving, but the wreaths are the first things to go.

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After Christmas Decor-12The indoor trees? Not a chance! They are faux trees, so they will stay up for at least a couple more weeks. I continue to get questions about my trees. All three of my faux flocked trees are currently out of stock, but check back for future availability for the 7 1/2 foot flocked tree , the 9 foot flocked tree and my 12 foot flocked tree.

After Christmas Decor-11They are very pretty and we enjoy them each day and night. I’m in no hurry to pack these beauties up.

After Christmas Decor-3What has changed in our kitchen? I moved the large chairs back into our living room and placed some dining chairs around the fireplace.

After Christmas Decor-4I’m not ready to return the settee from our sunroom to the kitchen just yet…

After Christmas Decor-5The tree? You guessed it…staying up 🙂

After Christmas Decor-2The kitchen table is back to a more intimate setting without a tablecloth and set for our family of four.

After Christmas Decor-1The garland that lined the table has been moved to the top of the doorway.

After Christmas Decor-6The dining room has a faux wreath in the window and faux evergreens on the sideboard. A collection of winter elements takes center stage on the dining room table laced with a table runner down the center.

After Christmas Decor-10Little will change in the family room, the tree remains. The live greenery is gone, the extra seating removed, but the blush tones are still beautiful and will transition into January. My big chunky throw remains and keeps us cozy and warm through Winter.

After Christmas Decor-9Our red and white sunroom will stay the same 🙂

After Christmas Decor-8The space is so lovely…I don’t want to disrupt the Winter vibe.

After Christmas Decor-7I sit in here everyday and enjoy it immensely.

After Christmas Decor-13Maybe in a couple weeks I will get tired of the tree? Not sure I will to be honest. We have enjoyed many family gathering in this room and continue to love the twinkling lights and the pops of red.  After all, Valentines Day is just around the corner 😉

What about you, do you take down all your Christmas decor right after the holiday?

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8 thoughts on “Transitioning to Post Christmas Home Decor

    1. Thanks Barb, it’s a slow process. I’ve seen others who suggest removing all red? Can’t do it…and it’s perfect for Valentines Day 🙂

  1. I can understand wanting to leave things a little longer. After all, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was very short this year. I have to take things down as they are all stored in our garage attic. I don’t want to make my husband have to do things twice. Taking down revolves around our time off from work, so I have begun to take things down.

    1. Hi Rose, that makes sense. Schedule does play a large role in the process, you are right. Good point too about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it was shorter this year. Thanks for visiting and dropping in! Happy New Year!

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