2020 Paint Colors of the Year Revealed

Do you keep up with the yearly trends in paint? You may have noticed the darker trends in color lately.

You may also be surprised at a couple of these picks..I know I was. In case you missed the announcements of the paint colors of the year, I’m sharing a few of the popular ones from names you’ll recognize. I also shared several pictures on my Instagram page.

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is a gorgeous soft rosy hue called “First Light” 2102-70.

It seems that everywhere you go these days, pink is a dominant color in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and is definitely here to stay. Described as a new neutral, more and more people are bringing pink into their homes.


photos via Benjamin Moore

I have been noticing that pink kitchen cabinets are becoming a thing too as shown below.

Pink-California-Kitchen-Renovation7Pink is no longer seen as a feminine color and is a definite color to watch in 2020. So don’t fret if you still have a pink bathtub in your home, you are quite a trend setter 😉 And I’m feeling pretty good about my daughter’s pink marble bathroom too!

Chipotle Rice-6

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is a rich navy blue called “Naval” SW 6244


photos via Sherwin Williams

There is a huge trend for navy cabinets going on right now.

navy cabinets
Navy cabinets look amazing with brass hardware and white carerra marble countertops, no doubt! But will they look dated years from now? 🤷‍♀️Check out more navy cabinet ideas on my Pinterest page.

A couple years back, we painted the walls of our home theater navy blue and really like the color for the space. My camera isn’t quite capturing the exact color, it looks better in person.

Chipotle Rice-5

Behr’s choice for color of the year is called “Back to Nature” S#340-4. Behr describes this color as “a restorative and revitalizing green hue that engages the senses and pairs well with other colors both inside and outside your home”.


photos via Behr

Ummm…yea..ok. Well, I think this is a great accent color, but not sure I would go crazy with this one. I’m also not a huge fan of green for walls. I would use the color for pillows, maybe an accent chair or one wall…but I would not paint an entire room in this color..just personal preference, but it looks like a pretty hue for a small space. I don’t have any pictures to show you from our home using this color, sorry.

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2020 Paint Colors of the Year

So what do you think about the 2020 Colors of the Year? Would you use them in your home?

For more on paint colors check out The Best Exterior White Colors for Painted Brick Homes.



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4 thoughts on “2020 Paint Colors of the Year Revealed

  1. No to all of them! Way too trendy. I think the navy blue is okay for your home theatre but too dark for anywhere else, although it might look sharp with white trim in a large dining room.

    1. I actually like all of them to a certain degree. I would consider a light pink on a bathroom cabinet or the navy blue in the butler’s pantry or the green as an accent. But I agree…they are trendy and will be a lot of work to change out in the future if they are used in a big space.

  2. All I can say is please don’t paint your beautiful kitchen pink! 😉 But you’re right – I could see each of those colors in lots of different ways. For me it’s not necessarily the shade, but the way it’s used! Thanks for the interesting info – it’s always good to know what’s going on out there! 💗

    1. LOL, not a chance Barb 🙂 I can see myself painting bathroom cabinets a soft shade of pink…kitchen…definitely not. I agree with you, it’s use and choice of use makes all the difference. Thanks for being here friend 💕

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