Building a Pool and Spa (Step 3) – Installing Rebar

The progress on our pool project has been great! Up to this point….

We have enjoyed watching the swift movement of our pool and spa project as I have shared with you on my Instagram stories. I am starting to dream of warmer temperatures, sunny skies, grilling out, and lounging by the pool with a cold one. My dream is real…but what is the reality this will happen in time for summer, I am asking myself.

Let’s recap. Week 1 Building a Swimming Pool (Step 1) – Breaking Ground highlights the excavation process.

Then…a slight bump in the road cost us big in Hitting Rock During Inground Pool Construction – What are the Options? But we overcame that messy hurdle and quickly moved forward.

Building a Swimming Pool (Step 2) – Laying Gravel and Framing the Spa was another successful week and we were pleased with the amount of work that was accomplished.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-3The next step in the pool build process is to lay rebar. Rebar is important because it adds strength to in-ground swimming pools. Rebar is reinforcing steel that is used to give support to a concrete structure.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-4Rebar is one of the most important materials required for the construction of any type of swimming pool. These guys worked tirelessly from morning to evening and completed the job in one day.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-5Looking great! Woohoo! What’s next? So excited to see all the progress.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-6Next step is to shoot the pool with gunite, which will form the concrete base of the pool.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-7But wait! There’s a problem. One of the companies used to do this process closed for a couple weeks due to the virus. Was it just precautionary? I hope so, but I don’t know the details.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-8So we sit….and…..wait. I’m told we are scheduled to be “shot” the first week of May….here’s hoping 🤞. But that could be pushed back due to all the rain we are getting. I will report back next week to let you know.

In the meantime, we are finalizing the process on getting estimates and making decisions about the pool house. We are close to deciding on a company to build the structure and do the cement and stone work. I hope to bring you more information about that process soon.

Hope you all are staying safe indoors with your families. This time is so difficult for all of us and is affecting us in various ways. Each week, I have different feelings about all this, up and downs…highs and lows…but one feeling that doesn’t change is how very proud I am of our country, and so honored to be an American. We are all in this together and we are doing an amazing job. This too will pass and we prevail because that is what we do and we will be better in the end 💕 Stay strong…



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6 thoughts on “Building a Pool and Spa (Step 3) – Installing Rebar

      1. Pool looks great..they are really moving along! I’m so happy that there is work outside that can still be done during these shutdowns. We just had our back doors repainted..all outside work..just a few weird moments when they had to discuss something and then I feel rude because I’m not getting close to talk to anyone if I can help it…(not that they were social distancing amongst themselves, but that’s their call..)

      2. Yes! This is a great time to do outside work. We have had our garden cared for, and now building a pool and pool house. I still need to talk and discuss things with the GM but it’s fine, we are careful.

  1. First of all, what’s gunite? And secondly, Wow – what an amazing thing! All that rebar looks like a really hard job! Sounds like the builders know what they’re doing though, and it must be so fun to watch! If you had a pool cam, I’d watch it! 😉

    I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll have a lovely pool by the time summer comes! Take care over there, and stay safe!

    1. Hi Barbara, I guess I should have explained unit in my post! lol. It’s the concrete base of the pool. Yes I hope it’s done in time too to enjoy it for part of the summer!

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