French Country Home Foyer – “ORC” (Week 5&6) Painting the Walls and Ceiling

We are back in full swing as we enter week 6! You may noticed the absence of week 5, as the One Room Challenge team decided to take a pause for several days, in honor and respect for #blacklivesmatter.


The One Room Challenge™ is a biannual event every Spring and Fall and is currently in its seventeenth season. Each round, twenty design bloggers take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six weekly posts.

This season, due to the sheltering in place orders, the ORC will span eight weeks to give us all extra time to complete our spaces while staying safe at home.

The ORC has teamed up with Better Homes and Garden to bring you this highly anticipated event.



This round will complete my seventh season as a guest participant of the “ORC”. So many other talented people are also participating as guests, please check out their spaces HERE.

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What Space Will be Transformed this Season of the ORC?

As announced in week 1, we will be transforming the foyer of our home. The space is in dire need of a make over, as you can see from the pictures below. This is what the foyer looked like when we moved in three years ago 🤦‍♀️ Where do I even begin?

ORC Foyer

Foyer Renovation Progress to Date

  • Week 2, I shared my inspiration and photos for the new design of our foyer. This is a very tough space to work with, as it is huge and has so much going on.
  • Week 3 highlighted my initial design board, which has since changed quite a bit. This is a very fluid project and changes often, especially during these difficult times and limited resources available.
  • Week 4 was all about removing heavy curtains from the large foyer window and getting rid of a carpet runner. A fun part of the project was to see the new painted risers on the stairs that look amazing!

These past two weeks have focused on painting the walls and ceiling. Let’s take a look at the before pictures.

Foyer Reno-1So I actually don’t hate the textured black and gold toned ceiling inside of the tray.

Foyer Reno-2But I do hate the white trim and brown walls surrounding it.

Foyer Reno-3I thought long and hard, is there a way to keep the black and gold and bring the space up to date?

Foyer Reno-5Probably, but it’s not going to happen now. In the end, I decided to just get rid of the textured ceiling and paint over it. The dark ceiling is heavy and dark, the space needs to be brightened up. Sort of a shame as it looked very expensive to create. I imagined someone spending hours on scaffolding with a small brush and a painful crick in their neck. I assume they were standing up but maybe there were lying on their back? Images of Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel briefly come to mind…..😉

Foyer RenoAny way you look at it…this mess must be resolved and quickly! Those brown walls and super white trim are so outdated. Lightening the walls will tone down the trim and open the space up immensely, and get rid of the heavy feel.

Foyer Reno-4My painters spend the entire first day, covering everything with plastic wrap.

Foyer Reno-6And since we are painting the ceiling, the chandeliers need to be protected from paint drips.

Foyer Reno-7Ok, so the first layer of paint in applied to the ceiling. Um…yea. So that color looks pretty WHITE….like stark white! 😳

Foyer Reno-8Hmm….the color on the ceiling was not the exact white that I had in mind…….

Foyer Reno-9But I love the color of the walls! The space is already feeling more open and brighter! But I’m going to have a discussion about the ceiling color with my painters 😬

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12 thoughts on “French Country Home Foyer – “ORC” (Week 5&6) Painting the Walls and Ceiling

  1. I feel your dilemma about the black ceiling. I have an mcm house and had to make a similar decision about the wood panelling on the stairwell wall. Even my contractor was hesitant. Replacing it with drywall has filled the space with light and a wood strap that matches the new railings nods to the home’s roots. Looking forward to seeing the end product.

    1. Hi Bettye, the painters did not use the exact white color I specified…instead they used what they had on hand 🙄 Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Oh that’s lovely Denise! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the ceiling. And the rest of the space, of course! 💗 Thanks so much for sharing your process – I’m wondering if I should try the ORC next time! 😉

    1. It’s all coming together Barbara but it’s stressful. The pool project is taking up so much of my time, I feel I wasn’t able to devote the time I needed to this project fully. But yes! You should definitely participate in the next ORC in the Fall!

  3. I love the space of your foyer but yes, the colours were quite dark! I am loving the fresher lighter feeling already! Can’t wait to see what else you will do!

    1. Hi Katerina, the new colors already bring new life into the space. Crazy how color can completely change a space! Thanks for following along, happy to have you here.

    1. Hi! I am loving the lighter look as well, feels so fresh and airy. Thank you for following along…almost at the finish line!

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