Summer Steals and Fashion Finds on Stylish Dresses

As summer comes close to ending, this is a great time to snatch up end of season sales…and I have a few personal recommendations for my favorite girlfriends 🙂

What a Year it has Been

Summer 2020..strange season in so many ways. We are more than half way through a very bizarre year, it has to get better, right? Our kids will be distance learning at the start of the school year, and that will continue through December. I don’t think we will have any type of “normal” life until next the earliest. But what is normal? Going back to the way things were before COVID? Part of me yearns for the old normal but much of me loves the new normal. Our new normal is wonderful in so many ways. We are more conscientiousness about health and washing our hands. As a family, we are spending more time together and enjoying the simpler things in life. We are saving money by eating out less and not traveling. Our discretionary spending is way down and we are enjoying staying at home. These are all great improvements in our lives.

Time to Think about What Comes Next

But as we come closer to the end of the year and start thinking about getting back to “normal” whatever that may be, I have been updating my wardrobe. I quit the workforce about 5 years ago, and haven’t bought too many dresses since. Obviously during quarantine, dress shopping was not a priority..I mean where was I going to go? We were all stuck at home…and many of us started gaining extra weight.

Getting Back into the Gym

Now that we are getting out a bit more, working out has been a priority for me and I am seeing a difference! I too enjoyed baking breads, making homemade pizza, and special desserts. But come on…all good things must come to an end and I need to get back in the gym! If I let these extra pounds linger..with the holidays coming up…yikes things could get ugly 😬

To keep me in check..I went shopping for dresses. I want to share a few of my favorite finds…most of which are on sale now! But before I do that, let me tell you a secret. I hate taking pictures of myself and being on’s incredibly painful! I feel so awkward and unnatural but I am jumping out of my comfort zone to show you how these dresses look on a real person. Hope you like them as much as I do, so here is my girlfriends guide for summer dresses!

Girlfriend’s Guide to Stylish Summer Dresses

Summer DressesI adore this dress! This black and white beauty is sooo pretty and elegant! I recently wore it to an outdoor evening party and received so many compliments. It is fully lined and very nice quality.

Summer Dresses-2I am 5’3″ and the dress is very long. I had it altered at the bottom and even after the alteration the back is longer than the front, which is the style. It has a beautiful silhouette, is very flattering and true to size.

Summer Dresses-1The dress also has a beaded halter neckline, adding to its stunning appearance.

Summer Dresses-4This floral long dress is the exact same design, with a different pattern. I love the soft colors and the silver beaded neckline. At first I didn’t like the added ruffle in front, but changed my mind quickly when I noticed it helped hide my tummy 😉

Summer Dresses-5This dress has not been altered and is very long, it would be perfect for someone who is 5’10” in height.

Another great summer find is this blue and white striped dress . The middle white stripes make the waist appear thinner and the dress is overall stretchy and very flattering.

I paired it with two different white shoes, a chunkier pair and a lower pointy more elegant pair.

Summer Dresses-9This pink, blue, and white striped dress is also very flattering. Again, the stripes give a thinning effect at the waist.

Summer Dresses-3This all white dress is the perfect summer dinner outfit. It is fully lined and hides any flaws. Many all white outfits can be very unforgiving…but not this one…a real winner.

Summer Dresses-6I’m loving the beautiful colors in this Lily Pulitzer dress. The material is quite thick, form fitting and true to size, I will get many uses from this summer outfit for years to come. The bright colors also look great with a tan.

Summer Dresses-10The last dress I want to show you is navy blue with gold zippers. The sheath style makes is super flattering and fun to play around with the zippers..depending on the type of mood you’re in 😉 It also has a belt and the material is rather thick, making it a great dress for the office.

That’s my girlfriend’s guide to summer dresses! Hope you find a dress you like too.


Summer Dress pin1



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8 thoughts on “Summer Steals and Fashion Finds on Stylish Dresses

  1. Denise, you need to get over not liking having your picture taken. You just took some of the most beautiful & flattering pictures of yourself!! Oh, and the dresses were great too!! I hope you will find a “new comfort zone” with you in your pictures because I hope you will keep taking & sending them. Happy new wardrobe!!!

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for the sweet compliment. Yes the tummy covers are a little trick I discovered that I actually do like!! Thanks for visiting! 😘

  2. They’re all nice Denise and you make a very good model for being only 5’3″! My favorite I think is the white one, and I generally don’t like white but you could dress it up or down with different color accessories.

    1. Thanks Joni! How sweet of you! Heels definitely help, finding comfortable ones is the key 😉 The older I get, the less willing I am to sacrifice comfort.

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