How to Add Water to a Battery

Yes, some types of batteries require regular watering while others are maintenance free. This is news to me. Up until this week, I had no idea! I’m no expert in this area…just passing along home information that I learn myself.

Why is a Sump Pump Important?

It’s summertime and for us that means heavy thunderstorms in our region. It happens every year and we do what we can to prepare for the aftermath. Making sure our sump pump is working is very important to prevent flooding in and around our home.

Why Do I Need a Backup Battery for My Sump Pump?

A couple years ago, we added a battery backup sump pump system to our home.

Battery backup-1In the event of a power outage due to severe thunderstorms, the battery backup will power the sump pump to continue pumping water away from our home in the event of flooding.

I am just learning that the battery backup requires water to keep it functioning properly. How did I learn this little tidbit of information you ask? Good question. The incessant beeping coming from the battery was noticed by my daughter. The backup battery is located in the basement, but she could faintly hear it on the main level and went to investigate. There was a red light next to the water symbol indicating that the water levels were low.

Battery backup-2This is the first time we are adding water to our sump pump back up battery, and we have had it for two years. I am learning, for proper maintenance, water should be added to our battery approximately every six months. The frequency of adding water to a battery depends on how often the battery is used. If you are adding water to a golf cart battery that is used only on weekends, that battery will require less water than a battery located on a heavy piece of machinery that is used every day. Our sump pump battery is always on and always charged, so I figure adding water every 6 months is the appropriate amount, but you should monitor your battery for usage and check the water levels frequently to keep your battery running optimally.

How to Add Water to a Battery

You will need a few things before you start the process of adding water. You will need protective eyewear, a pair of pliers, and distilled water. Using distilled water is very important to the health of a battery, regular tap water contains minerals that are harmful to batteries, even in small amounts.

Battery backup-3Step 1: Once you have on protective eyewear, the first step is to shut off power by unplugging the battery and the sump pump from the outlet.

Step 2: Next, remove the bolt from the screw which has the red wire. Remove the wire from the screw, along with the nut.

Battery backup-4Step 3: Unscrew the bolt from the blue wire and remove the wire and nut.

Battery backup-5Step 4: Remove each of the six caps from the battery pack.

Battery backup-6You may need a pair of pliers if the caps are too tight.

Battery backup-8Step 5: Using distilled water, add water to each of the six chambers. Using this tool will determine exactly how much water to add and shuts off when each chamber is at the proper level. I discovered this cool tool after we added water the hard way…spilling it on the sides of the battery 😬

Battery backup-10Step 6: We filled each chamber up pretty close to the top and left about an inch of space. Once the water has been added, dry all areas around the battery and replace the caps and wires.

Battery backup-11Step 7: Plug the sump pump and battery pack into the outlet and you’re good to go. The red light indicators will turn off and your battery is now well hydrated.

Battery backupHaving a battery backup sump pump has been a life saver for us and gives us peace of mind in knowing our home is being protected during severe weather. Hope you find this information useful too.

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4 thoughts on “How to Add Water to a Battery

  1. Denise you are a font of home knowledge! We don’t have a sump pump, but if we did, I know I wouldn’t even have dreamed of watering it. You’ve inspired me to check the manuals for all the home systems we DO have and make sure I’m not heading for a bad time! Thanks for thinking of all these home maintenance things – it’s really helpful! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you think so Barbara. These home issues are so important. I know way too many people with flooded basements, I hope this info is helpful. It’s certainly not fun or sexy…but needs to be discussed none the less 🙂 Hope your monday is going super well!

  2. THANK YOU, I DID IT and it was exactly how you described! I was going to use a funnel but then I found a 12 oz ceramic teapot I never use and the spout fit perfectly in the holes.

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