Laying the Concrete for a Backyard Pool Patio

Another piece of our huge backyard project is complete. The concrete for the patio surrounding the pool was layed in place.

Is anyone else frustrated with home improvements projects this year? Why is everything taking so long? My pool house builder is way behind and it’s putting my pool builder’s work on hold. Seems like construction is going crazy right now and it’s hard to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. Seems to me that the construction boom is COVID related as more people are moving away from cities and their jobs and out to the burbs. What’s a homeowner to do?! Wait and be patient…

Laying the Concrete Foundation for the Pool Patio

Before the pool plaster can be completed by my pool builder (PB), the patio around the pool needs to be done.

My PB requires that the patio be complete before he will install plaster inside the pool. The reason being is that the plaster could get damaged during the patio construction process and he is trying to prevent that from happening.

The first step to laying the foundation around the pool is to level the area and redistribute the dirt.

Then the patio frame is built and several truckloads of gravel are brought in to fill the base of the foundation.

The crew work tirelessly to level the gravel and prepare the base for concrete.

I don’t exactly know how many square feet the patio around the pool will be. Working off of my design, part of me is figuring things out along the way. I am very involved in the design of this project and I am out there with the crew figuring things out.

For example, when I was outside with my patio contractor, I decided the sides of the patio should be a bit wider than originally planned. I was basing this decision off the size of the pool house and from a logistic and design perspective going wider was a good decision. The downside is that I probably don’t have enough stone on hand to complete all the patio work and will have to order more – but in the end it will be worth it. Sometimes the best designs are spur of the moment ideas and not planned 😉

Rebar is layed on top of the gravel to strengthen the concrete foundation.

After a couple high five’s, the concrete truck is brought into the backyard and the pouring begins.

The crew works quickly to smooth the concrete before it dries.

The other side of the pool is a bit more tricky to reach, but this crew has it covered.

Almost 8pm at this point and the guys are finishing up the last bit of work. They have been here over 12 hours and working the entire time.

The next step is to lay the stone on top of the concrete, but we don’t want to do that until the pool house is up because it will get destroyed with all the trucks coming in and out of the yard. See the dilemma and how one thing is dependent on another? In time, it will all get done but it sure is going slowly for many reasons…

Have you had a home renovation project that dragged on? I would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Laying the Concrete for a Backyard Pool Patio

  1. Oooh I’m so excited to see the next step in your pool process Denise! I love construction – mostly if I get to watch someone else doing it! 😉 But yes, it is a very complicated and non-straight-forward situation.

    I’ve only had one major house renovation that I didn’t do myself, but we were very lucky – I hosted Thanksgiving, tore my kitchen down to the studs and rebuilt, then hosted Christmas! My general contractor was brilliant! I realize that’s not the typical story, but we can hope! Good luck and lots of patience on your gorgeous pool!

    1. I’m glad you had a good experience Barbara! Most of mine are pretty good, but when it’s bad it really stinks! We will get through it no doubt and I’m sure I will complain a lot along the way!

  2. My friend’s kitchen remodel has gone on for well over six months..she has screamed and cried and sulked and’s been just awful. At one point in the project, one of the main guys went on two weeks vacation only to be quarantined for two additional weeks when he got home. She’s ready for psychiatric help.. no sink, no big fridge, floors ripped up, no stove..not to mention putting on ten pounds eating drive thu meals.. She would feel your pain and frustration like no one else.

    1. Oh no! So sorry to hear that. The indoor renovation projects during Covid were awful. I’ve heard some terrible stories too. Hopefully your friend will have a beautiful kitchen when this is all over!

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