Fall Family Room Decor 2020

A little sprinkle here, and a little sprinkle there – now Fall decor has made it’s way into our family room.

And when I say sprinkle, I really mean sprinkle 😉 Our family room is used now more than ever. The kids sit on the sofa and watch TV like never before which means the room is not as neat and tidy as it used to be. But that’s ok, it’s there to be used and enjoyed.

School started this week. As many other schools across the country, our county is 100% distance learning through December. The county has improved upon its ability to teach our kids online since the earlier part of the year. March 2020 through June 2020 was all distance learning as well but a complete failure on the part of our county.

It’s only been a few days…but things seem to be more stream lined and improved. Of course nothing can take the place of learning in person and all the social interaction the kids get while in school, but this will have to do for now. Fingers crossed we can get our kids back to school safely next year 🤞

Adding Fall Touches to the Family Room

I always have a hard time photographing this room. It doesn’t get direct sunlight and often appears dark in pictures. The windows are huge but I still feel it’s not as bright as I would like.

Anyway back to talking about Fall decor. These blush pillows from Home Goods have been in every room of our home and stay out all year long. They are some of the most versatile pillows we own. The color Blush can be used for every season as far as I’m concerned!

Bentley enjoys the room as much as my kids do. Whenever my daughter is in here watching TV, Bentley is right beside her.

Please ignore the Bobcat in the background…;)

For my faux florals, I picked salmon colored tones for my ginger jar and got some amazing deals on many of these stems at 70% off!

These rose toned faux florals are already bundled together and so easy to plop into a vase! Yes…I said plop and plop I did!

No arranging at all! I like to use three bunches for each vase…couldn’t get any easier. And I’m all about easy for Fall!

A white decorative pumpkin from years past made it’s way to our coffee table this year.

I looked through all my Fall decor that is tucked away in the garage and only brought out a few pieces.

I don’t feel the need to bring out everything I own for Fall, but selectively choose a few items.

Notice those white pillows on the arm chairs? Between you and me, they are Winter pillows – the other side of the pillow is decorated with Christmas tidings 🙂

In the distance is my foyer, decorated for Fall. Will the other rooms get a sprinkle of Fall? Probably so but I do have Christmas on my mind too! And you know me…I start early so be ready my friends!!

How about you, have you decorated for Fall?

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4 thoughts on “Fall Family Room Decor 2020

    1. I hear ya Joni, no rush at all my friend. I am just so excited for Christmas…I like to start early and I go all out!! Happy Weekend!

  1. Beautiful Denise! I love your blush colors and gentle touch! Hope you have a lovely fall season while planning for Christmas! 🙂 From one flower plopper to another!

    1. I hope you have the best of Fall seasons too Barbara. I will be starting on Christmas before too long and I will be plopping up some more goodies….stay tuned my friend 😉

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