How to Tie Ribbon onto a Christmas Tree in a Criss Cross or Zig Zag Pattern

One of my favorite methods of tying ribbon onto a Christmas tree is in a criss cross or zig zag pattern.

Ah, the joy of decorating our homes for the holidays, my favorite time of the year. The twinkling lights, the festive colors, the smell of gingerbread and fresh greenery, family gatherings, and making new memories.

Trimming the tree is another very joyous event. Coming up with new ways to wrap a tree is also pretty darn fun. I want to share one of my favorite methods with you, I call it the criss cross method. It makes the tree look so neat, tidy, and organized – the OCD in me loves this method 🙂 If you love it too, read on and I will show you how to do it – it’s quite easy if you follow a few simple steps.

My First Cross Cross Wrapped Christmas Tree

About six years ago, I wrapped my first tree in a zig zag pattern.

Using two different ribbons, a 4″ gold ribbon and a 2″ burgundy velvet ribbon, I wrapped a 10 foot slim tree. Loving the way the tree looked, I was eager to try it again this year.

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You can view how to wrap a Christmas tree with ribbon in a zig zag pattern on Youtube HERE.

How to Wrap a Christmas Tree with Ribbon in a Criss Cross or Zig Zag Pattern

This time around, I used only one ribbon to wrap my tree..but it is thick and very substantial.

For the Project, you will need

I found this two sided ribbon on Amazon. I purchased the last roll and it has not since been restocked. But here is a similar holly ribbon. I was able to find another roll exactly alike on ETSY.

For this project, I used about 50 feet of ribbon for a 10 foot slim tree, cut into five equal pieces of 10 feet each.

Tip: I have used this ribbon method on a full width tree and didn’t like the results as much. I feel this method looks best on a slim tree.

1.) Cut the ribbon into five pieces of 10 ft each. If the tree is an 8 ft slim, use five 8 ft pieces cut into equal lengths. If you are wrapping a full profile tree, add a couple feet extra.

2.) Starting at the top front of the tree, using a piece of wire, tie two pieces of ribbon together and attached them to a branch at the top front of the tree.

3.) Holding each piece of ribbon in each hands, tie the ribbon in your right hand to a branch on the right, about 2.5 feet down the tree, then do the same with the left piece…making sure both pieces are tied at similar points on the tree.

4.) Moving down the tree, using the craft wire, tie it around each piece of ribbon at the point where it meets the other piece.

5.) Then tie the two pieces together.

6.) Insert a stem at each point in the tree where the ribbon either meets or ends.

7.) I tied a bow at the top of the tree where the two ribbons meet to give it a pretty decorative touch.

8.) This is the right side of the tree. I used the same method, attaching a piece at the top and worked my way down attaching to the other pieces.

9.) This is the left side of the tree – used same method.

10.) This is front of tree. Since my tree backs up to a wall, I left an area in the back that is not done. Five pieces covered the majority of the tree.

Here is a quick summary

Maybe this diagram makes the process a bit easier to understand.

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Hope you like this method and try it on your tree! Happy decorating.



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