Post Christmas “Winterish” Decor for the Family Room

Third week of the new year and we are still transitioning to Winterish home decor.

What’s the rush I say…January is still young! 😉 I mean only nine or ten months until everything comes back out…right? Can I tell you a secret? I have already made a list of new things I want to try for the 2021 holiday season. Planning early makes the season go smoothly and works well for me.

As for transitioning to Winter decor this season…a slow process. My goal is to eliminate the overly Christmasy items like trees, villages, and garland and still retain some decor like Winter florals. For me, transitioning to Winter decor is more about removing things, than removing color.

Many people like to get rid of everything red…not me…I love red! I’ll keep it around until after Valentine’s Day. And you know about my love affair with blush..not going anywhere! Bring Blush Back Baby!!!

I invite you to my YouTube Channel to see a video of How I Undecorated the Family Room. Also, please check out Transitioning our Family Room to Winter Decor and a sneak peak of another exciting video coming up!

How I Transition to Winterish Decor after the Holidays

Start with a Small Room

When thinking about taking down Christmas decor, it’s alway easiest to start with a small space. For me, this is the family room.

After taking down the Christmas village, I brought back out family pictures that were tucked away to make room for the Holidays. I love seeing old pictures of my families smiling faces back on the sofa’s console table.

Add in Winter Florals

I added a few faux potted poinsettias that I purchased after Christmas on sale. For the first time this year, I didn’t buy any live poinsettias, just never got around to it.

My blush frosted stems will stay right where they are…most likely thru February. You can read more about the Holiday Decor and the florals in this room HERE.

Shop your Home for Goodies to Add to the Mantle

The mantle is simple. Brought out a few items that were hidden away. Shopping my home is so fun, I’m always finding new ways to decorate! During the holidays, these evergreens had lights stringed around them, now they add pretty greenery to the room.

Before Christmas, I had a console table against this wall. That table was moved into the sunroom and a chair is now tucked into the corner of the wall.

Change Out Items on the Coffee Table

All the snow and garland are gone from the coffee table and a few books are brought out to remind me of the season to come!

I spy with my little eye….yup…a Christmas tree 🙂 Remember when I said it’s easiest to start small? And that 12 footer is anything but small.

I will tackle the foyer tree probably next week. Finishing up the kitchen is the next job.

But we still love looking at this beauty and turn it on every night.

My last tip is to find a time of the day when you are able to undecorate uninterrupted (if that even exists). For me, it’s the evening, when the kids are done with distance learning. The days are bustling, our outdoor project is keeping me very busy as well and finding the time to take Christmas down is not a huge priority, so it’s taking some time. But I feel no rush. It will all get done in due time…when we are ready 🙂

Hope you are all having a happy and safe January!



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8 thoughts on “Post Christmas “Winterish” Decor for the Family Room

  1. I am with you Denise. I am slow to undecorate this year though I only did half of what I normally do for Christmas decorating. I always miss the colors of Christmas so try to leave some red (for valentine’s day). I have some faux poinsettias & I love using them over the real ones. They certainly are not as much work & the new ones look very real. Look forward to sharing your blog & YouTube this year Denise. Stay safe.

    1. Hi Donna and Happy New Year!! I’m so happy you are following along and enjoy the blog. I ventured out into YouTube, that’s a whole new world! I know your home was super cozy for Christmas and very intimate even though you didn’t do as much as other years. I love the new faux stems, very realistic and pretty! And hey, can be used over and over again in creating new styles! Thank you for always being here my friend.

  2. Well I would leave that stunning entry tree up all year – just sayin! 🙂 I love your blush transition Denise, and the rest of your lovely home as well! Happy Weekend my friend!

    1. Almost tempted to Barbara 🤣 Or if I had a closet tall enough to slide into and keep it decorated! Didn’t take too long to remove all the ornaments, now my hubby gets to take the tree apart and box up! Such a wonderful Guy 🙂 Happy weekend to you too!

  3. I took everything down inside and out this week, when often I would leave both up until the end of January. We’ve had such mild temps and so little snow (not complaining!) that it just doesn’t seem like winter this year.

    1. Hi Joni, maybe you will have an early Spring! Wouldn’t that be nice! Our temps are now starting to get colder and it’s feeling more like Winter here. Our coldest months are January and February, but an early Spring would be nice 🙂

      1. It’s colder here too today, but not deep-freeze January cold like we normally have with tons of snow……a very strange year. I hope you are all staying safe there this tumultuous week.

      2. It is going to be a crazy week for sure and I plan to stay far away from the city. Fingers crossed everything will be peaceful 🤞

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