Retaining Rock Wall Ideas for a Sloped Yard

What to do with a giant mountain of boulders sitting in our backyard? Let’s build a rock wall!

Considering we already have the material on hand, the conditions are perfect for creating a fun rock design on the slope in our yard. I have already spoken to my landscaper to price this project out, which consists mostly of labor and rental equipment.

Pool and Pool House Project Update

This week our outdoor project has focused on grading. We are filling in the space behind the pool house and leveling the yard to meet with the top of the foundation. So far, 30 trucks of dirt have been brought in with more to come.

Once the grading is done, we will lay the stone around the pool and in the pool house.

I’ve been discussing a few additions and changes to the interior trim design of the pool house with my builder. Once these are complete, painting the exterior will commence!

In addition to all that, I have been working on a pergola design for the left and right side of the pool house. I appreciate you responding to my poll on Instagram about your preferences and ideas. Stay tuned for the final design!

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Hitting Rock when Digging for a Pool

If you remember when we started digging for our pool, we hit rock during the process. We were hoping it would not happen but our neighborhood is so hilly and the soil is full of rock formation so it was not a big surprise – more of a hassle and additional cost.

The boulders removed from the ground were enormous. A special machine was brought in to remove them as they were right in the path of the pool dig. When the machine was in the yard, the decision was made to break up the large boulders into smaller ones as they would be easier to handle.

What to do with a Huge Pile of Boulders Sitting in Our Yard?

And so the boulders have sat, in a pile at the back of the yard. I’ve wondered what to do with these rocks, even thought about giving them away. Now, I am glad we did not dispose of them, as they will be useful.

The pool house is getting closer to completion and I think these rocks will make a beautiful retaining wall, separating the upper and lower yard.

Check out links at end of this post for full reveal of our Pool and Pool house.

It has taken a while to decide how to use them and what the best design would be and talking to others to get ideas has been helpful. I even reached out to my fabulous Instagram community for ideas, and a rock wall was very high on the list of suggestions. So thank you for your wonderful ideas.

I love our backyard for having two levels. The yard has a walk out from the kitchen and the basement, sort of a two tiered yard.

Rock walls are perfect for sloped yards and a gorgeous feature to add into the landscape. Let’s take a look at some inspiration photos for ideas.

Rock Wall Ideas and Inspiration for a Sloped Yard

via Pinterest

Rocks spread throughout the slope in a random pattern mixed with greenery and flowers.

via Pinterest

Steps separating the upper and lower level of the yard with rocks used as landscape decor.

via Pinterest

Large and small rocks and boulders are used in the landscape design.

via Pinterest

These are some amazing rock walls! Look at that design and those angles.

via Pinterest

This rock retaining wall is decorative and pretty.

via Pinterest

Multi tiered rock walls with plenty of grass is a sight to behold.

via Pinterest

So many tiers and steps in this backyard design.

via Pinterest

A very modern take on retaining walls.

via Pinterest

An edge adds a bit more elegance to the design.

via Pinterest

This is cool, a rock bench built into the wall. Doesn’t look very comfortable but it is rather unique.

via Pinterest

A bit more than we need but sure is beautiful!

via Pinterest

Simple and serves a purpose.

Which one is your favorite?

Update on our Pool and Pool House

The full reveal of the pool in Youtube is HERE or read post HERE.

The full reveal of the Pool House in Youtube form is HERE or read post HERE.



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2 thoughts on “Retaining Rock Wall Ideas for a Sloped Yard

  1. Oh my! You are going to have so much fun with that! Of your gorgeous examples, I think I’m torn between the chateau in the woods and the modern white steps with the fountain at the top! So many beautiful places in the world! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me to make mine one too!

    1. I love the modern white steps too Barbara, yes so many to choose from. We started building a rock wall last week, umm…still needs quite a bit of tweaking, but we will get there 🙂

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