Our Backyard Project (Phase 2) Planning to Build a Pool and Pool House

It’s almost Spring and I’m getting excited thinking about what summer 2020 will look like.

We started a big outdoor project in 2019 and have come a long way. Here is a recap below.

Backyard Projects Completed to Date:

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Deciding to Build a Pool and Pool House

Looking back as far as we have come, we realize there is still a long way to go before we realize our backyard dreams. Having a pool in our yard has always been something I have wanted for our family. Having an outdoor covered space is also critical to our backyard design. The summers can get very hot on the east coast and having shade from the sun is a must have in order to enjoy the outdoors.

I have scoured the internet and Pintrest for backyard designs and have decided on one particular design that I have fallen for, in a hard way!

My Inspiration for Our BackYard Pool and Pool House

2671CCAF-A0C6-4124-BB86-26125D171E22Ta Da! I love everything about this space! The landscaping, the pool, the pavilion all speak to me. I love the neutral decor with all the greenery. I love the space in the pavilion and the fireplace, the outdoor kitchen and dining area. I can see this design in our backyard.

This is my inspiration photo as I plan our outdoor space. I want to incorporate many of the design elements from this picture. I want the space to be functional, practical and stylish. Design is as important to me as function. The area has to look nice during the winter and cooler months when we aren’t able to use the pool. I want the backyard design to mimic our home and look like an intentional planned out space that has always been part of our land.

How Did We Decide on Pool Orientation?

Deciding on the orientation of the pool was a very big decision. We are lucky enough to have a big yard where we have the option to choose which way we want the pool to face. We have decided to run the pool perpendicular to our home instead of parallel. On the one hand, having the pool run parallel to the home makes it easier for people to gather around the space, it seems very social and is closer in proximity to the house. But running perpendicular to the home, gives the space a particular elegance..seems very Hamptonesque (I just made up a word, but I think you know the thought I am trying to convey😉). Last year when I asked our landscape designer to draw up a plan for our pool, he said without a doubt..go perpendicular. It will be a bit further from the home, but I believe we can still make it a very cozy and inviting space.

How Did We Decide on Pool House Orientation?

The pool house placement was also a tough decision, but was narrowed down once we decided on the pool orientation. By placing the pool house in the back of the yard, with the pool perpendicular to the home, we will optimize the mountain views that are visible from that angle.

The process is slow, much slower than I would like. But I believe by taking our time and really thinking through the design aspect…we will have a space we will love for years to come.

Logistics Involved in Building a Pool

There are many logistics involved in a big project like this such as The Frustrations of Well and Septic Living – Relocating the Force Main Line. So many things to consider when planning and designing an outdoor space and I will share it all with you in the coming months. Follow along on Instagram stories for daily updates on our project as well.

Update on Pool and Pool House Project – March 2021

We have come so far in our outdoor project and are almost complete. It’s been over a year since we embarked on our dream of building a pool and pool house and we are almost at the finish line. Will do a full reveal soon! Make sure to follow along on Instagram to catch all the details!

Have you built a pool and outdoor space? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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6 thoughts on “Our Backyard Project (Phase 2) Planning to Build a Pool and Pool House

  1. Woo!!! What a fabulous project – you are totally going to love having a pool and outdoor space! 💗 I know it’s a huge job, and good for you for taking your time. I can’t wait to continue to follow along. Then I’ll definitely have to plan a trip out there so I can swim in it and lounge around by the fireplace! 🙂 Good luck with all the little pieces! And Happy Thursday!

    1. Hi Barbara! As you can imagine, it is a very big project with a lot of moving pieces. Hope I can manage it all😳. Yes you will definitely have to come see this when it’s done…hopefully sooner rather than later 😉

    1. Hi Joni, thank you so much! So glad you like our choice. I think the style best suits our home and hope I can get close to the actual design. We will see….

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