Undecorating Christmas and Making our Home Cozy

It’s about that time where I start undecorating our home from Christmas.

The process is long and I take my time. There is no rush to get it done by a certain day, I like to go slowly and really think about each room.

The first space I start undecorating from Christmas is our sunroom. It was the first room that was touched with Christmas love and has been wonderful for cozy gatherings. It’s my favorite room in our home and a space I continue to refine over time.

Post Christmas Decorating

It can be hard to make our homes feel cozy after removing all the stuff that filled the space over the Holidays.

Once Christmas is removed from the room, and all the decor is packed away in storage bins, I look around and think what other changes can be made to refine the space and optimize views.

What elements from the holidays can I retain in the room to keep a “Winter” look.

How can I restyle the mantel? Taking down the garland makes it feel so empty.

By moving the large ginger jars from the floor to the top of the mantel draws the eye up.

Adding candles in my favorite way to add immediate warmth to a space.

Lighting is another huge impact to a room. Adding another lamp to our side table gives the room that glow it had during the holidays.

I play around with pillows and rearrange them to give the room a new Winter feel.

The blush pillows are a staple to the room. By moving the white ones to the wing chairs and flipping them around to hide the Christmas side, I created a new look.

The tree is gone and the space feels empty. I’m ok with empty space…empty space is good and I welcome it.

I moved the benches from in front of the fireplace to either side of the door.

I slightly rearranged the flower arrangement and removed the Christmasy stems and replaced with anemone stems.

The stools were relocated to the front of the fireplace which give the space a relaxed and casual feel.

Adding faux florals always makes the room feel serene and lived in. Casual and elegant style for everyday living.

Check out How I Decorate on Video

If you are interested in seeing more about how I undecorate, a video is available for your viewing pleasure HERE. I realize some readers love still pictures while others love videos, so I am trying to please both audiences.

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