How to Style and Decorate a Mantel

A new year bringing new ideas.

Undecorating our homes from the holidays can make the rooms feel cold and empty. But finding a way to redecorate a space can be challenging too. As I continue to undecorate our home (next up the kitchen) I came up with an idea.

In my prior post Undecorating Christmas and Making our Home Cozy, I asked my YouTubing followers if they would be interested in learning more about styling a mantel. A resounding yes gave me the where with all to come up with several different styles, tips, tricks and common mistakes to avoid when decorating a mantel.

I spent many hours recording video and editing to get a tutorial out to my YouTubing community.

BUT….I completely forgot to take still pictures of my progress along the way for my blogging friends!! UGH! I’m SO SORRY!! I feel awful. Typically, I remember to do both, (video and pictures) but this time I just plain FORGOT to take pics. I sincerely apologize. My mind has been a mess lately…

In the video, I discuss three ways to style a mantel and common mistakes to avoid. If you are interested in learning more, the video is available HERE.

I have two pictures to share.

The above design represents a symmetrical style.

This design represents an asymmetrical style.

In the video, I add in several other ideas and styles when thinking about decorating a mantel. I also talk about the focal point, which is crucial to a well designed space.

Again, so sorry for not having more pics. Trying to juggle all these platforms has proven to be a big challenge for me. But I am learning more about the process as I work with each of them. I appreciate your patience!

How do you spell mantel? Some spell it mantle. The spelling is so close, it often is spelled incorrectly. A mantle is a cloak or covering…the correct spelling is mantel 🙂 My tip of the day but you probably already knew that.

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