Winter Foyer Decor

The last of the Christmas decor is down!

And most of it is actually put away. Down doesn’t necessarily mean packed and put away 😉  The foyer was the last space in our home I had to undecorate and it feels good to have most of it finally done. But my motto is “if you love it and the decor makes you happy, keep it up as long as you want”.

It’s February and we have had many very cold days. The ice on our back patio has not melted from the first ice storm we had early January. Winter is still very much present outside, so I want to mimic the look inside.

My Winter foyer decor consists mainly of white, green, and black. The white magnolias in the ginger jar are ones I used on our trees. They are frosted and have a very wintery look.

I love using home decor books to decorate. I brought some of my favorites out of hiding and they are gracing our table once again.

Warm lighting adds a glow and immediately makes a space feel welcoming.

Winter decor also needs to feel cozy. Candles and throws are big elements in my decor.

I also love pops of green in our home during the cold months. It reminds me of warmer days outside when the grass will come out of dormancy, and new growth will appear on the trees.

But until then, I will use snowy white poinsettias to make the space feel Wintery without feeling Christmasy 🙂

If you would like to learn more about how I created this Winter look in our foyer, and see an evening tour of the space, I invite you to view my video HERE.

If you are interested in the items I used in our foyer, I have linked several below.



Double Ball Topiaries

Ginger Jar

Marble Tray

Brass Candlesticks

Chairs (Similar) and

Favorite Home Decor Books

Thank you for visiting me and I hope you feel warm and cozy in your home during these colder months



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4 thoughts on “Winter Foyer Decor

  1. Your foyer is always so lovely Denise! I can’t wait to walk in that door one day and see it for real. Though my ceilings are about half the height of yours, and I don’t have an actual foyer, I always find something in your home to inspired my entry area. Going to look into your pieces and design books right now!

    1. I bet your foyer is absolutely lovely Barbara. I often struggle with ours, it’s so vast. One of these days I will get it fully completed and check that project off my list! But until then..I’m glad I inspire you my friend.

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