Cleaning out my Closet plus Six Organizing Tips

Been a long time coming, but finally getting around to cleaning out my closet.

Out with the old and in with the new. I organized, consolidated and cleaned the cabinets and shelves to allow for new clothes and easier access to my items…and it feels so good!

I also have tips to share for making the most of the closet space and ideas for organizing.

Tip #1 for an Organized Closet – Having Items Visible in Plain View

I feel much better being organized and knowing where things are located. I love having my purses on a shelf very accessible for an evening out. Having items visible allows me to think through my outfit and better prepare for the occasion.

Tip #2 for an Organized Closet – Eliminate the Bulk

One of the biggest changes I made was to eliminate the big and bulky hangers from my cabinets and replace them with thin sleek ones.

The difference this one change made to the amount of space inside my cabinets is HUGE! I love these new hangers! Clothes won’t slip off the sides because of the velvet coating and they have little divots to allow for slings to attach to the ends. All in all, a great choice for any closet.

Tip #3 for an Organized Closet – Shoes and Boots All in One Place and Neatly Organized at Eye Level

Going back to tip #1 – having shoes visible and at eye level on shelves, makes it easier for me to select which ones I want to pair with an outfit. I know not everyone has shelves in their closet to be able to do this but I would rather give up shelving space for sweaters and replace with shoes…if that is an option.

My shoe shelf was sorted and cleaned for items no longer worn. To gain more space, I inverted every other shoe which allows me to add an extra pair on each shelf. Shoes are organized according to type which makes my selection process for an outfit easier.

Tip #4 for an Organized Closet – Install a Valet Rod

My husband recently attached a valet to the side of my shelf which is awesome! It allows me to hang dresses and prepare the outfit I am planning to wear for the day. I love it! Definite Game changer! It extends when I want and retracts back when not in use. But I love it so much, I usually have something hanging on my wedding nightgown and robe that I recently pulled out of storage after 20 years! And it still fits! 🙂

Tip #5 for an Organized Closet – Declutter the Countertops

These countertops are completely free of any clutter now! Before I started my project, I had clothes piled up on top of the cabinets! It was disgraceful to say the least! I love the look of a completely clean counter 🙂

Tip #6 for an Organized Closet – Hide Dirty Clothes

Another tip for keeping a clean closet is to hide the dirty cloth out of the way until ready to wash. Yes you can have a hamper in your closet which many do but my worn clothes go right into my ottoman which has a removable lid! 😉 My dirty clothes are something I’d rather have out of sight…right?! Whose with me?!

In addition, the ottoman serves double duty..I use it often when putting on my shoes, especially heels with buckles.

All in all, I am thrilled with my new clean and organized closet. I have much more space now and the feeling of decluttering just makes me happy.

Decluttering My Closet on YouTube

If you are interested in seeing more, check out my YouTube video with the awful “before” pictures. In the video, I also talk about my plans for a mini renovation of the space and show you some cute outfits I have purchased recently, along with “new clothes” from my closet that have never been worn. I hope you’ll join my YouTube family…I’d love to have you!



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6 thoughts on “Cleaning out my Closet plus Six Organizing Tips

  1. Great tips Denise! I’m going to try the skinny hangars. And yes I’m with you about dirty clothes out of sight – a covered hamper is a great thing. Thanks for the wonderful ideas – you have a lovely closet, and congrats on still fitting into your wedding nightgown! 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara, so glad you found the tips helpful. You will love the hangers, I gained so much more room, it’s amazing. Why did I wait so long?! Rediscovering a lot of my old clothes now…it’s fun 🙂 Thanks for being here. I’m heading over to see what you’ve been up to lately.

  2. I enjoyed reading your reorganizing tips, (the hangers and the inverted shoes etc) and envy you your spacious organized closet!

    1. Hi Joni, so glad you enjoyed the tips. My closet feels great now, getting the clothes off the counter and hanging from the cabinets was a huge step and organizing feels great. It feels so spacious now and I want to keep it that way 🙂

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