Styling the Sides of a Tall Cabinet

The struggle is real. If you have ever tried to style the left and right side of a tall cabinet, you know the challenge.

The space is big and tall. How do you fill it out and make it look purposeful?

I recently had this challenge myself. Last year, I added a tall glass cabinet to our Sunroom. The piece is beautiful and I had so much fun adding vintage dishes to the inside.

But the space to the left and right looked empty. I played around with framed pictures and chairs to fill the space but just wasn’t happy with the look. Then I saw 2 beautiful wall sconces and fell in love. I ordered them in October 2021.

They just arrived. Like so many things today, these sconces were on backorder. But they were worth the wait!

They fill the space beautifully and are the perfect length for a tall cabinet. The styling of the sconces also works great for the space as both the cabinet and candle holders have slight distressing. I also love the gold touches on the holders, it’s the right amount…not too much…not too little and the accents attached on the bottom pull it all together.

The space on either side of the cabinet is big and high, so large pieces were needed to make it feel filled out and purposeful.

In addition to the sconces, I added 2 stools under the candle holders and layered items. A throw, tray, vase, faux florals and books are my go to items to make a space feel homey and visually attractive.

Are these items necessary for the space? No, but they do add to the overall look of the room. What do you think?

Bentley is even happy with the new addition!

If you would like to learn more about how I styled the space and see the before, check out my video!

If you are interested in seeing how I styled the inside with vintage dishes, check out this video.

Hope you are all having a great weekend the enjoying the new temperatures. The weather has warmed up nicely and Spring is definitely in the air. I included links below for you, if an item is no longer available I added a substitute but most items are exact.

Tall Cabinet

Wall Sconces



Gold Tray

Favorite Home Decor Books



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12 thoughts on “Styling the Sides of a Tall Cabinet

  1. The sconces are beautiful Denise! And I love your layered style. It all works perfectly together – no wonder Bentley loves it too! Happy Sunday my friend!

  2. Hi Denise
    I always love your design and decor ideas! You are such a pro but you present stuff for anyone and everyone to glean from!
    The cabinet looks Amazing with the vintage dishes and the scones were a smooth way to add a nice vibe (it is a tall cabinet and the color is so right for your room)
    And the extras add to the overall look of the room and also make it warmer –
    More inviting and seems all
    Like practical/function items added – 😊☀️

    1. Aw what a sweet and thoughtful comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading and like my style. I appreciate readers like you! Thank you my friend! xo

      1. 🙂
        And I was just thinking about you this week (we are doing some kitchen stuff) and then your post arrived – so I plan on catching up on some past posts soon (and you make it easy for us to do that because you link some of your related posts right there for us!)

      2. Kitchen renovations are so fun! How exciting! Hopefully you can find what you need but if not, lmk if I can help!

      3. Anytime! Best of luck..I know it’s a lot especially these days with delays and lack of supplies.

  3. You got the tall sconces…that was my suggestion months back. You said you were going to order. They look perfect beside tall cabinet!! And the stool with accessories is so fitting! We’re having finally warm weather here in Eastern NC. Love being outside hearing my fountains and birds chirping.

    1. Hi Nancy, yes I got them and love them! Great minds think alike. They were worth the wait! Loving the warm temps, enjoy your yard and all of nature. I always feel better outside 😉

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