Decorating the Foyer for Spring 2022!

It feels like we are half way through Spring already but as usual I’m playing catch up!

The weather has been chilly, so I haven’t been all that ready to bring out the Spring florals but temps are creeping up! We will have a random 80 degree day and then pop back down into the 50s. But consistent weather is on the way, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’m sharing our foyer today decorated for Spring. I love neutrals in our home throughout the year, but love decorating with color for the seasons. Spring screams, pink, lavender, and green – some of my favorite colors.

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Day was fabulous spending time with family at my brother’s home. It’s rare these days to have everyone dressed up at the same time, so I was happy to take a few pics. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter too!

On a side personal note – I will be so happy to be done with my Invisalign braces in a couple weeks, the end is so close and it’s definitely been worth the wait 🙂

Now moving onto our Spring Foyer!

Our Spring Foyer

The round pedestal table in our foyer is large and allows for lots of decor! My ginger jar is always a staple and allows for easy transitioning of seasonal florals.

You know I love decorating with books and have linked several at the end of this post.

The seating areas in front of the stairs is a great place to enjoy a cup of tea. You have seen these blush pillows all over my home. I can’t find the exact ones online anymore but linked another pretty similar one.

I get asked about these chairs all the time, and I found them at a great price HERE!

Pinks, lavenders and green are my go to Spring colors, as you can tell from our family picture 🙂 I added some pretty wild flower to my bud vase in these same colors.

Another thing I like to do for the seasons, is to change out the area rug at the front door. Lighter colors in the Spring and Summer and darker colors in the Fall and Winter.

Confession, when possible I like to change out my wall pictures too for the season 😉 These are ones my mother in law gave me and I love using in this space.

Can I tell you how much I adore this oversized mirror? And it’s on a major sale right now!

This cute area off to the side houses a foyer table I refinished. Truth be told, I’m still not done, just got too busy to finish! Notice there aren’t any drawer pulls haha! Yup still need to be done and a layer of wax added to the piece. I also want to paint the top black too, I love the two toned look but think I will prefer it all one color, what do you think?

This vase is a favorite of mine and is perfect for tall stems like these cherry blossom branches. The space feels so much like the outdoors, cherry blossoms blooming and peonies beginning to grow. I’ll have to share the outside when they actually bloom, usually beginning of May.

One of these days I want to add molding onto the walls, but for now I will just enjoy the space as it is 🙂 Projects are always going on around here as I’m sure they are in your home too.

Evening Tour of the Foyer

If you would like to enjoy an evening tour of the space with candles and romantic music, I invite you to watch a video of our Spring Foyer.

For your shopping convenience, I added links below.

Spring Foyer links 



Double Ball Topiaries


Bud Vase

Ginger Jar

Faux Floral

Marble Tray

Brass Candlesticks

Chairs (Similar)

Area Rug (Similar)

Wall Pictures

Tall Vase

Cherry Blossom Branches

Favorite Home Decor Books



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5 thoughts on “Decorating the Foyer for Spring 2022!

  1. Nice foyer Denise and nice picture of you all. I’m quite envious of your temps are we are 30 F today and had a few inches of wet snow yesterday, but spring is coming. I haven’t been in the mood for spring decorating either as the weather has been so cool.

    1. Hi Joni, it feels like Winter today! It’s nuts. Last week was beautiful but all this week will be cool. We had snow yesterday too!! Thank you for the nice compliment! Hope you are doing well!!

    1. Aw thanks Barb! I’m really happy I did the braces. Wearing them during the day is a pain, at night is fine but I have them out all morning as I sip coffee. I also take them out for all social events and it’s been fine. Almost done!! Woohoo!

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