Already Replacing Our Outdoor Bar Stools…Here’s Why

Less than one year in, and we need to replace our outdoor bar stools.

The stools were great, actually are great. I loved them but unfortunately they did not hold up well to the outdoor elements like summer heat, humidity and rain. They didn’t make it to Winter, sadly the color of the legs deteriorated during the warmer months.

I loved the style combination of these stools. Many different colors are available from which to choose. Mine were black and white to match the color scheme of our outdoor area.

These stools make a wonderful addition inside, so I do recommend them indoors. They would make a statement in so many kitchens.

But lesson learned, do not use outdoors! So moving onto the replacements.

During the summer months when the pool house is not in use, we turn off the appliances and shut off the water. This includes winterizing the water line that runs to the pool house. This is an important step so the pipes won’t freeze, crack, and cause issues down the road.

Our New Counter Top Stools

So far, I am loving the look of the new stools. They have a saddle seat so they are very comfortable, come preassembled and are available in 7 different colors and various sizes like bar height.

I chose black as a compliment to all the white in the pool house.The stools are made of a weather resistant material similar to many Adirondack chairs (Polywood lumber) and are super easy to clean…just wipe down with a wet cloth.

I like the size too, perfect width and depth to nicely push under the counter when not in use. I did consider high back stools but feel like they get in the way when standing and gathered around the island – much prefer ones to neatly tuck away. The weight is also perfect, feeling confident these won’t blow away with a big gust of wind.

What do you think of the new stools?

If you would like to see more of the stools and the outdoor kitchen, check my video HERE.



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5 thoughts on “Already Replacing Our Outdoor Bar Stools…Here’s Why

  1. I love the new stools Denise – they’re just perfect! Your pool area is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see it a little later in the spring with all your plantings. Where did you put the old stools in your gorgeous house? Happy April my friend!

    1. Hi Barbara, so glad you like the new stools! I think they are going to work really well in the space. I gave the old ones to my niece and she is enjoying them in her backyard 🙂

    1. Hi Nancy, so glad you like them! Yes, the black really stands out with all the white, good choice overall…I’m happy 🙂 The furniture in the pool house is all white too.

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