Summer Home Tour 2022 (Part 2)

Welcome back to our home! I hope you enjoyed the summer blog hop I participated in with my blogging friends. It was such a fun experience and a great way to meet people and discover new accounts.

Today, I am finishing up the tour of our home decorated for summer. Let’s go into the dining room.

Summer Home Tour – Dining Room

Light pastels are continuing to make an appearance in other rooms of our home.

Delicate floral china, paired with gold toned flatware and pink linen napkins are part of my theme for 2022. Soft, romantic and calming vibes are what I want to feel this year.

Pops of green are always welcome in our home and make a grand statement against the dark colored walls.

I’ll include links at the end of the post for those interested in learning more about the products.

Summer Home Tour – Kitchen

I tend to keep the kitchen fairly simple as this is where our family spends the majority of time.

The furniture in front of the fireplace is for the pool house. I have been enjoying it indoors, waiting for the perfect time to move the set outside. That time has come and will debut outdoors this week!

Still loving the white island. Do you remember when I repainted it a while back?

Having it white freshened the brightened the space up dramatically. Our kitchen doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, lightening up the cabinets made a huge difference.

Adding this crystal chandelier also makes me happy. We had to get rid of our old chandy due to a recall and this one is so fun and sparkly. It adds that touch of romance in the dining space where our family eats most of our meals.

This island is the most used place in our home. To have it completely bare and free of stuff is rare and only happens after my cleaners have come! So I relish in the few times it looks neat and free of random objects! Just about anything and everything the kids can think of 😜. It can be hard to make this area calm and soothing but a single orchid brightens the room.

Video Tour of our Summer Home

I invite you along to see our home via video. For those of you interested in seeing the rooms live with music, I welcome you in. This is the second part of our summer tour.

I posted the first part of the tour last week, check it out HERE.

Many of my readers prefer pictures and I absolutely understand that. I, myself get overwhelmed with all the music and movements online these days. Sometimes we just need to be quiet, still and peaceful.

I appreciate all of my readers and subscribers. Trying to please everyone can be challenging, as you all know but we try to do it all the best we can.

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Glad you stopped by to visit, I will see you again next time. I promise the reveal of the pool house bathroom is coming up, a couple finishing touches are being added this week.



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2 thoughts on “Summer Home Tour 2022 (Part 2)

  1. SO pretty Denise – I love your taste so much! Your dining room and kitchen are wonderfully fresh for summer! I’m one of the ‘I still love non-moving pictures’ crowd, so I truly appreciate that you post such lovely ones. Thanks as always for the beauty and inspiration!

    1. Hi Barbara! So good to hear from you, hope you are having a fabulous summer. Thank you for the sweet words. Totally understand the still picture concept, part of me craves that quiet as well 🙂

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