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It feels like Summer! Woo ey! Summer is here and in full swing. Temps last week were well into the 90s on a couple days and it feels so nice to be spending time outdoors again (even though it’s pouring rain outside as I write this, it’s actually hailing! How does that happen in June?) 🤣 Anyway….

I am super excited to share a really fun blog hop with you today. My sweet friend Kristy Mastrandonas from Interior Design and Styling organized it, and we have so much to share with you! So grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the hop!

If you are coming over from Tracy’s blog welcome! Doesn’t Tracy have incredible patriotic decor? Red, white and blue are some of my favorite colors, you can never go wrong including them in your decor.

For Spring and Summer, I typically use light pastels and hues in our home. You will see a lot of pink on repeat as you go through our house and notice a pattern forming. Pinks, lavenders, whites and green over here at Happy Haute Home 🙂

In this post, I will share pictures of our foyer, sunroom, living room and a peek inside the family room. I don’t want to make the post too long, as there are so many other incredible blogs to visit. I will include a link for a full home video tour at the end of the post for those interested in seeing the rest of our home when you have time, including the kitchen and dining room.

Summer Home Tour Blog Hop – Our Foyer

I love the foyer in our home but it can be a challenge to decorate. I have struggled with it over the years and still continue to play with different styles, decor pieces and elements. Right now, loving soft shades of pink, you will notice quite a bit in this space. My florals, pillows, books and even the rug are all shades of this gorgeous pastel. I’ll include links at the end of the post if you’re interested.

Hints of lavender pop up on the large foyer table and mix beautifully with the other colors. Pastels, pastels, pastels.

During the Winter, I decorate the area with shades of white and green and the space feels so magical, just like being outdoors.

This oversized mirror was a recent addition to our home and works so well in the foyer. I love the reflective qualities and during the holidays! WOW, our Christmas tree looks stunning in the mirror.

Summer Home Tour Blog Hop – Sunroom

My favorite room in our home, the sunroom gets the most light. I love sitting in here early in the morning after the sun rises, it’s so relaxing.

More shades of pinks and pastels adorn the space. Our home decor is mostly neutral, which allows me to add any color I want throughout the year with accessories.

If you have ever struggled with trying to decorate a mantel, you may be interested in my tutorial on How to Style and Decorate a Mantel for tips, tricks and ideas.

Or check out my popular pin when I decorated our mantel a couple years back for the holidays, it’s had 7 million views! I mean…Pinch me!! WOW!

These fiddle leaf plants do so well in this room. I water them once a week and they thrive beautifully. The room gets partial sun which is perfect. When I placed them outside last year with direct sunlight, the leaves burned so filtered partial light makes them most happy.

I often get asked where I purchased our trees, I got them HERE.

Loving our glass cabinet, it adds so much charm to the room. I had so much fun adding several sets of thrifted china to the cabinet. In Styling a Glass Cabinet with Vintage Dishes, you can see how I arranged the sets and hopefully pick up some tips like how to get them to stand up without tipping over.

This porch is on the left side of our home, looking out over the front yard. During the holidays, I place our 10 foot tree in front of the door and this room is magnificent!

Summer Home Tour Blog Hop – Living Room

Our living room is adjacent to the sunroom and has a large picture window. I keep this room fairly simple, with four chairs and a large orchid centerpiece I created a couple years ago. It keeps blooming and blooming, year after year and is so easy to care for too. A small amount of water is all it needs to thrive and rebloom.

Summer Home Tour Blog Hop – Family Room

Our family room looks out onto the backyard. Three large windows allow a great view of the pool and pool house we recently completed. What a labor of love this project was, not for the faint of heart! I designed and managed the entire process, with the help of 15 sub contractors! 🤦‍♀️ Frustrating doesn’t begin to explain the angst we went through, but it’s done and we love it. The process wasn’t all bad just a lot to coordinate during the pandemic. What a horrific time it was for all of us. I lost both my parents during the pandemic as I’m sure so many of you lost loved one too. My thoughts are with you all 🙏

I know many of you are building pools now, check out my other pool posts for tips. Revealing the pool house bathroom next week, so stay tuned and get subscribed!

I hope you enjoyed the summer tour of our home. Next up on the blog hop is Kylie’s beautiful home. Don’t miss Kylie’s One Room Challenge Laundry Room update, I mean WOW..it’s soo good!

Video Tour of our Home

I welcome you to tour our home via video. Part 1 of the tour will take you through the foyer, dining room and family room. Part 2, coming out next week will take you into the sunroom, sitting room and kitchen.

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22 thoughts on “Early Summer Decor Home Tour Blog Hop

  1. Wonderful post and the sunroom chandelier syncs with the shape of the windows and I can see why you like that room’
    Also – the way you bring the outdoors in is so nice

    1. You have an incredible eye, thank you for noticing all the details! Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    1. Hi Tracy! How sweet of you! Thank you for visiting! Loved doing the blog hop with you! So fun!

  2. Your home is fabulous, Denise! You’ve decorated each space so beautifully and to perfection! Your gorgeous sunroom is a showstopper and makes me wish I had one!

  3. Denise – Gorgeous. Looks like a model home. Bright and beautiful. Loved your touches of pink throughout. I’d never want to leave. Thanks for hopping!

    1. Hi Regina, you are so sweet 🙂 Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have a great week.

  4. You are blessed with a gorgeous, elegant home. I’m going to have a look around to get even more inspiration. I’m so very sorry you lost your parents during The pandemic. Was it from COVID? I lost my mom to COVID a in 2020. It’s been a very hard 2 years. A lot of the world just wants to move on and quickly forget, many aren’t able to. Decorating is always a welcomed distraction and lately I find myself using a lot things that bring sweet memories of her and make me smile. May God grant you peace in your double loss. Pamela

    1. Hi Pamela, thank you so very much for the condolences. Both deaths were COVID related. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, sounds like you are finding comfort in memories.I’m so glad for you. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the visit 🙂

  5. Beautiful! I think with your foyer off centered because of stairs is why it’s a challenge to decorate? Hobby Lobby 2 weeks ago had gold metal framed floor mirrors clearanced for $75.00???? I wanted to buy one but nowhere to put in my house. Enjoy the Summer but stay cool.

    1. Hi Nancy! What a bargain, that sounds like a great buy. The size of the space is challenging as well, getting the right proportions is key. Hope your summer is going well! Thanks for visiting me.

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