Magical Summer Sunset Over the Pool

It was a Tuesday evening and our son comes running into the room telling us we need to go outside!

A magical sunset was happening with all the colors of the rainbow! To be honest, when I first stepped foot out, it was a bit eerie but quickly turned magical.

A storm had rolled in an hour earlier and had passed, the sun was setting and the clouds looked if they were painted on canvas with beautiful shades of yellow and orange. The whole backyard was shaded by the clouds taking on the colors of the sky.

Then the colors turned to hues of pink, indigo and violet.

And shades of blue. The temperature was perfect. The storm brought the heat down and gave our lawn a nice watering.

The site was pure magic.

The time was 8:45pm and we were watching TV in our theater and so glad we had chance to catch this magical sunset.

I loved that our son appreciated the sight and was so happy to tell us about it.

The site was heavenly, and our flag fit the scene perfectly.

We stayed outside and marveled in the beauty of mother nature and had a smile on our faces for the rest of the evening. Hope you are having an incredible week.



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19 thoughts on “Magical Summer Sunset Over the Pool

  1. So beautiful Denise! What is the saying…red sky at night, Sailirs delight? And Mother Nature, if you let her, always seems to have a way of making us hit pause in our lives and just take in her beauty. Speaking of pausing, I’ve been taking a social media break and looking forward to catching up on all your posts. 🤗

    1. Hi Laurie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the sunset pictures. I was so happy to share them with you too. Good for you for taking a break…we all need that!!

    1. Hi Joni! I love that too. He takes occasional breaks from his electronics and looks up to appreciate the joys of life! Good to hear from you!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing that – you took gorgeous photos! A lovely end to my day! 💛

  3. That was one gorgeous sunset for sure. The reflections in the still pool water were gorgeous. Things really came together this year at your “spa retreat”.

    1. Hi Chris! Yes they did!! Still doing little punch list items but very happy with the progress.

  4. Denise, Your photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing. There is nothing as beautiful and comforting as the sun going down on our day. Your pool, lawn and home are lovely and show meticulous care.

  5. I could feel the joy of your son coming in to have everyone see the magical sky!
    And sunsets do have moods and this was stunning
    Thanks for sharing Denise

    1. I’m so happy you liked it! Sunrises and Sunsets are just heavenly and should be enjoyed daily if possible 🙂 That would improve everyones mood!

      1. We are telling everyone today – Get a good nights sleep, then wake up early to go watch the sunrise – a great start to the day 🙂 Report back please!

      2. That reminds me that “Ste” on instagram used to have a “sunrise club” where folks were invited to start their day just like you say – lol at the sun and enjoy the beauty (and he had some connections to what it does to your brain and all that) he is a great health coach (PHC)
        Anyhow / keep you posted

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