How to Easily and Safely Clean Precious Metals

I finally found a product that safely cleans my bathroom faucets.

Remodeled Powder Rooms

It’s been a few years since we remodeled our powder rooms. One of the first projects I took on in our home was to renovate our powder room in the mudroom. I started this project when shiplap was beginning to emerge in modern farmhouse decor. The room turned out beautifully and I still love it today.

When we remodeled our formal powder room, my decor style was a bit different. Dark moody walls and a washed out oak vanity with french country faucet, also turned out beautiful.

Video of our Formal Powder Room

If you’re interested, you can watch a video of the powder room HERE.

In Love with these Faucets

The faucets I chose for both these remodels are gorgeous and I adore them. But over the years, they have taken on stains that I have been hesitant to touch with harsh products. I have tried non abrasive cleaning products like gentle soaps but the stains have persisted. Today, I’m sharing a cleaning hack with you.

How to Safely Clean Precious Metals and Bathroom Faucets

Let’s take a look at the stains.

Being that this faucet is my favorite, I took my time to find the right cleaning product that would safely and easily clean the stains off the polished nickel. The faucet was pricey too so I am very careful to take good care of it.

If you look closely, you will see the stains that have developed over time.

I found these polishing cloths on Amazon and love them! The kit comes with 12 polishing cloths, gloves and a buffing cloth. They were so quick, easy to use,  reusable, and get stored in a tin can to keep them moist.

After using the cleansing cloth, the buffing cloth is used to give the product that shine and clean off any residue. They are perfect for objects with nooks and crannies like my faucet.

Let me show you a closer look with another faucet I used the cleaning cloths for….

The lighting is off on this picture but you can see the stains quite clearly. This picture was taken before I cleaned the faucet.

This picture was taken after I cleaned the faucet! Look at how shiny it is now!

These cloths can be used on all sorts of metals and precious objects; jewelry, watches, silver serving pieces, and other metals such as gold too.

Did I mention the product is made in the US?! Always a bonus for me 🙂

Hope you like this cleaning hack, drop me a line to let me know what you think.



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