Why Limelight Hydrangeas are My Favorite Blooming Shrub

Why are limelight hydrangeas a fabulous choice for any landscaping? They can be described in one word…EASY!

Limelight Hydrangeas are Easy…it’s that Simple

If you prefer to take a tour of our garden and learn more about limelights, you can also view the video HERE.

Limelights are such an easy plant to grow and care for, making them a perfect choice for any home. It is also a wonderful shrub for flowers late in the season, when most other shrubs have finished blooming.

It produces large pyramidal sprays of flowers that open creamy white, and then turn chartreuse green in late summer, before turning pink and rose in the fall. The leaves also turn pretty shades of red in cooler months.

These are my Limelight Hydrangeas.

What Type of Climate Works Best for Limelights Hydrangeas?

This is a great plant if you garden in areas that are too cold for the common hydrangea, limelights grow everywhere, no matter the temperature.

They also don’t require daily watering, they will thrive with little water…unlike their common hydrangea counterparts.

Where is the Best Place to Grow Limelight Hydrangeas?

I suggest to plant your Limelight Hydrangea is a sunny or partially shaded area of your garden. It grows 6 to 8 feet tall, and is the perfect background shrub for any landscaping. Many of mine are planted along this railing and look so pretty with the lights in the background.

I also have 15 more planted along the fence line. They were first planted last year and have thrived so well.

Judging by the height of them already, by next year or maybe even the end of this season, they will be touching each other and provide a gorgeous continuous blooming edge.

The reflection in the pool is just so pretty!

Areas to Avoid when Planting Hydrangeas

As much as I love them, guess who else adores them..the deer love them too. Avoid areas where deer can get to them. I had to transplant these Annabelle shrubs from our front yard to the backyard which is fenced. How to Care for Annabelle Hydrangeas and Avoid the Drooping Effect may also be of interest to you.

One morning, I came out and the poor shrub was almost completely eaten by deer overnight. You can treat the shrub with pellets or sprays, but in my opinion, the best way too avoid the deer munching your flowers is to plant the shrubs in a fenced yard.

Limelight Hydrangeas Trees

Yup, I love them so much, we have trees as well. Three on each side of the pool.

They are so pretty and are doing great with very little intervention or water from me. You can find my trees HERE.

Other Varieties of Hydrangeas

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve almost completely given up on other varieties of hydrangeas. They are temperamental and finicky.

I have a couple smaller ones along the railing, and I’m patiently waiting for them to bloom but I don’t have much hope they will produce fabulous flowers.

I have a few other along the house I planted last year. They are shaded so I am hoping they will bloom, but would not be surprised if they don’t produce much. Our weather in the DC area and many parts of the country is just too hot and dry for them. They seem to need the perfect amount of sun mixed with the right amount of shade and plenty of water in the summer.

At one time, I had dreams of large lush blooms spilling over into my yard. We’ve all seen those incredible pictures on Instagram, but unless you live on Martha’s Vineyard or the Cape Cod area with perfect climate for this variety…it ain’t gonna happen! Which is ok…I’ll live with my limelights and be perfectly content 🙂

Hydrangeas Can Also be Dried

Did you know that hydrangeas can also be picked and dried, bringing beauty and color into your home from summer through fall? How to Dry Hydrangeas will guide you to enjoying these gorgeous stems well into the cooler months.

How to Bring Hydrangeas Back to Life

Last tip I have about hydrangeas, How to Bring Wilting Hydrangeas Back to Life will help you in a pinch when your cut blooms look wilted. This is a great hack for reviving those beauties in a pinch.



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6 thoughts on “Why Limelight Hydrangeas are My Favorite Blooming Shrub

  1. Your Limelights are just gorgeous! You’ve planted them in the perfect places too – they really enhance your beautiful landscape. Thanks for the great post, and good luck with your other varieties! 🙂

    1. Thank you Barbara. They are so easy to care for, just love them. Appreciate your sweet comment my friend 🙂

  2. They are beautiful Denise! I didn’t know they were different than other hydrangeas, in terms of water and so easy to grow. With our hot dry summers lately mine are so droopy plus I never did get them really blue.

    1. Hi Joni! Check your soil, the ph in the soil is what changes the colors. If you aren’t having luck with the regular variety I highly suggest limelights for you. I think you will love them and they grow so quickly.

      1. Denise, I’ve added a ton of aluminum sulphate, and even a double dose this year, and got a pale blue in some of them, mostly lilac and a few pink. They look okay but are not the vivid blue I had imagined. The ones under the neighbours cedar do better as the soil is more acidic there. Someone told me coffee grounds will help acidify the soil. To tell you the truth I’m so tired of the hot dry weather that I’ve pretty much given up on gardening for this year and am looking for easy care plants for the future.

      2. I hear ya Joni…me too. That’s why I’m all about Limelights. I wish we had the climate for blue and pink hydrangeas but it’s just too hot here too, sadly. I hope you find a solution soon!

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