10 Changes to Create Our Fall Foyer and How I Saved Big Time Decorating the Space

Normally, I don’t start decorating for Fall until September arrives, but this year I noticed the leaves already starting to change colors in August.

Maybe, it’s just me noticing weather fluctuations early but it seems awfully soon to see leaves turning red in August. This summers weather has been unusual. Our grass has never looked so green during July and August. We have had an unusual amount of rain this summer, mostly due to thunderstorms. Hail has been abundant too. I posted this pic and a video to my Instagram account a week ago. Isn’t this hail storm nuts?Are you seeing crazy weather too this year, more unusual than normal?

The weather changes inspired me up to start decorating early for Fall. I started with the foyer. I was eager to bring in Fall colors to give the space new life.

Still giddy about my thrift haul, did you happen to read Thrifting for Home Decor, Check Out My Haul and See How I Styled my New Finds? I decorated the foyer with soft pink and blues and it looked so beautiful and romantic.

Watch on Video

If you prefer to see how I styled our Foyer for Fall on video and an evening view with candles and music, check it out HERE.

Fall Foyer for 2022

As the weather changes, our minds move towards darker tones but we still want our homes to feel cozy and lived in.

To change up the decor for Fall, I made these 10 changes.

1.) Replaced the rug for one with darker tones, like this one HERE. The rugs are inexpensive and I like to have a few different ones on hand for the seasons to switch out.

2.) Added Fall pillows with a touch of color. I use these pillows all year long as lumbar pillows on many of my chairs. During the Fall season, I turn them over to reveal the “Harvest” and bring in that touch of gold.

3.) Added decor with Fall colors that add interest to the table. My mother-in-law gave my husband this eagle statue with a Marine Corp emblem on the reverse side. I love the colors and the size is perfect for the space.

4.) My home decor book is on the table most of the year, turned to different pages that represents the seasons and it adds beautiful color to the table. The yellows and green fit right into my Fall color palette.

5.) Changed the candles from white to rust and added a green glass candle to the top of my books.

6.) Changed out the lamp for one with softer tones and a different pattern. This lamp has a honeycomb pattern and I love the off white color it adds to the table.

7.) Changed the pictures on the wall also to ones with a thick gold rim.

8.) Switched out all the books for ones that have a Fall colored binder cover with darker hues.

9.) Added a small bouquet of salmon colored florals to a small vase on the left side of the table.

10.) Created a large centerpiece with Fall florals. Blues, rose, beige, salmon and a touch of white are my Fall colors this year. But I have a money saving tip for you on how to make a large seasonal flower centerpiece on a budget. I bought all the stems at 80% off. How? The stems are Spring and Summer stems. Yup, I purchased prior season stems at 80% off for my Fall arrangement. The colors are so similar, why pay more for a slightly different tone? Not worth it, the cost savings was too great 🙂 You can shop similar floral on clearance on my liketoknowit app HERE. But you have to shop early to get the greatest savings, before they are gone!

I hope you like the changes made for Fall. Simple and cost effective adding warmth and coziness for a new season 🙂

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11 thoughts on “10 Changes to Create Our Fall Foyer and How I Saved Big Time Decorating the Space

  1. Hi Denise
    I really do like the changes and warmth was the vibe for sure!
    Also – the hail photo was crazy! We didn’t have hail this summer but lots of rain and very bright green grass as you noted there too! We didn’t even catch a break with cutting the grass because normally in hot summer months growth slows and a bit of reprieve – but sometimes it seemed like three days after the grass was cut it needed it again- yikes

    Anyhow / cheers to fall as it just around the corner

    1. Hi! Isn’t the weather insane? Yes, same here! Grass has needed cutting every week. We usually get a break too here and there but this summer, it needed cutting every week. Can’t complain about all the rain but the hail is crazy. Glad you like the foyer colors thank you!!

  2. I don’t want to even think about fall….because after that comes winter. It’s been a bad summer her – periods of drought with the grass all dried up, hot and humid temps for weeks over 100 degrees, then cool days, then heat and humidity again. August was rain, lots of it, but no hail, so at least things are green again. I remember you liked bluegrass music Denise, so you might want to check out my latest blog.

    1. Hi Joni, I’m sorry to hear about your awful drought. Global warming is here to stay I guess. Yes I will definitely check out your latest post, thank you for reaching out!

  3. Hi Denise, Great photo of the hail. I have not seen hail like that in many years. I love your Fall Foyer decor and how you’ve used the classic blue Wing Back chairs. Also, the use of books is a favorite. I too have the Patina books. Thank you. Lots to enjoy in your blog!

    1. Hi Sandra, always a pleasure hearing from you my friend. The hail is CRAZY!! Not the first time it happened this year either, seeing it more and more often 😳. So glad you like the wing chairs, still can’t believe I got them for so cheap! Books are one of my favorite styling tools. So easy and look great 🙂 Have a great week!

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