Fun Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Get Together

For many people, Thanksgiving is the only holiday where the entire family gets together. Everybody has a certain dish they are assigned to bring and the feast is almost always held at the same family member’s home.

There is a certain comfort to this routine. Sometimes it’s nice to know what to expect. Even right down to the food that will be served and the games that the children will play. However, it never hurts to have a little something different on the table at Thanksgiving. There are a few things that you can do to make your holiday memorable this year.

Activities for the Kids Table

You probably already have some games kids can play after they eat the thanksgiving feast. There are also a few activities they can enjoy at their table while waiting to eat.

If you are playing board games later in the evening, you can set aside the normal playing pieces and let the kids make their own playing pieces. They can design the pieces out of cardboard and other odds and ends.

Creating a word search for the kids is another way of keeping them occupied before the meal begins. It can be thanksgiving themed or centered around people in your family.


The paper turkey you got at the dollar store a few years ago may be starting to look a little old. Fear not, there are a few different centerpieces you can use to give your table a unique but festive look.

Edible centerpieces are always fun. Put cheese and crackers on a Lazy Susan and let your guests feed themselves as you prepare the meal. If you would like something a little lighter, you can serve a fruit spread with crackers.

A tall glass centerpiece is easy to make and looks elegant. All you have to do is fill a vase with lemons, limes, or both.

A cornucopia is often too small and awkward to use as a centerpiece for a large Thanksgiving table. It is better to take a decorative box and put all the same things in it that you would put in a cornucopia.

Dried flower centerpieces will give any table a classic look. You can divide them up and use them in the bathrooms of your home when the holiday is over.

Make Souvenirs

Events are just more special when they have their own merch. You can give souvenirs away to everyone who attends your dinner. You can make T-shirts, hats, or mugs on an on-demand printing site.

All you have to do is upload a design to the on-demand company’s website and select the item on which you would like it to appear. Use a picture of your entire family or use a funny picture from a Thanksgiving in the past. You can order as many or as few as you would like. You will find more information on custom clothing here.

Thanksgiving is a great time to catch up with family. Make sure to go around the table and let everyone know you appreciate them and what you are thankful for. Adding a few new touches to your holiday table will make this year’s festivities more memorable.



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