How to Get Rust Stains Off a Bathtub

Ok, I am super embarrassed to show you how insanely dirty and stained my daughter’s bathroom tub had become!

Why Do We Have Rust stains in our Bathtub, Toilets and Sink Bowls?

How did this happen?! 🤦‍♀️ Geez Louise….

Let me take you back to a couple months ago…when our water softener system broke down.  You see, we are on well water. As you may know, well water can be very hard and filled with excess iron. That iron color stains badly and is rust colored.

The staining happened gradually over time. I would notice a bit of rust color in the sinks, if the faucet had a drip. Then I started noticing more and more stains around the home and even on our white towels when they came out of the washing machine.

But when I walked into my daughter’s bathroom one day, I was shocked! The staining was so awful, most likely due to long showers. No other bathroom in the house looks this bad, I am embarrassed to show it to you.

Traditional Cleaners Did Not Remove the Rust Stains

If you have rust stain, you know they are not easy to remove. My cleaners tried several products with no luck. I didn’t get too serious about cleaning until recently – after we got a new water softener system installed and I knew the rust issue was resolved.

How to Fix the Problems of Rust Stains in Your Home

To permanently remove rust stains from your home, you will need a water softener system. The new system we had installed is amazing and works beautifully. We splurged for an upgrade and this new one even removes the sulfur smells from the water! Heavenly 🙂

But now, I have the job on figuring out how to get rid of these stains. My installer recommended a product which works well for certain stains in the sink and toilet.

I came across a product used for toilets and decided to try this on our tub.

I applied the remover and right before my eyes, the stains started disappearing like magic.

I used it even on the marble tiles and I couldn’t believe it. I had to apply it several times to the stubborn stains but it worked great.

No scrubbing required for the bathtub, but I did put a bit of elbow grease into the walls.

Removing Rust From a Bathtub Video

If you would like to see a LIVE video of the process, I made one for my channel. I had no idea if the cleaner would work or not and was happy it did. You can check out the video HERE.

The Final Result!

Unbelievable right?!

My disclaimer – I took a risk pouring the cleaner all over my marble, not sure if it would damage the stone or not. I suggest you try a small area first in your home to see how the cleaner reacts to your sink, stone, etc. since the cleaner is marketed for toilets.

You can find the cleaner HERE. I ordered it from Amazon and bought a 2 pack. I used an entire bottle on the bathtub and even broke into the second bottle. Then finished up the second bottle in my son’s shower. That will be the next blog post, tested a new stone to see if it works…yikes 😬

Hope you found this post useful, drop me a comment below. Talk soon!



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4 thoughts on “How to Get Rust Stains Off a Bathtub

  1. Wow – that’s great! I had to laugh at our synchronicity – I honestly just yesterday, spent 1/2 an hour with a pumice wand to get stains off our toilets at work! I wish I had known about this! Thanks for another excellent post about the things nobody else tells us! 🙂

    1. I use those too Barbara! They are good for removing the ring, but that’s about it. Try this product for rust in the toilet but I recommend emptying the tank first 😉

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