Christmas Living Room Reveal 2022, First of Five Trees Completed

Christmas decorating is in full gear over here, and I’ve just completed our first of five trees!

If you have been following for a while now, you know that I love Christmas 🙂 By far, my favorite time of the year and decorating just makes my heart sing.

I know you love the holidays too so I am starting early this year. To be honest, it’s no earlier than I normally start, I’m just more excited this year to get going. This year has been very difficult for me, and I’ve struggled emotionally and mentally but I believe better days are ahead and look forward to the future. If you are struggling too, know you are not alone. Dig deep and you will find that you are stronger than you realize and when the going gets tough, the tough get going!! We can do this!!

Now…let’s talk about pretty twinkling things 🙂

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas 2022

I had so much fun decorating the mantel this year. My theme for the room, is red, white, and green with a touch of Tiffany Blue.

Bentley, almost falling asleep with a toy in his mouth 🤣. Just had to capture this moment.

Everything came together just beautifully and I’m so happy with the outcome.

This year I made a change to the way I decorated the mantel. Instead of having it sit on top, I wanted it to sit in front and swag down. It was a bit tricky, but I managed to do it with the help of chicken wire. I invite you to watch my video for a deeper dive into the process. My Youtube family love the look and the video is doing exceptionally well. You can view it HERE.

Do you remember when I styled my china cabinet? I added lights to it and love the look!!

The white house ornaments all came out again this year. It’s so fun unboxing them and hanging them on the tree. My son helped me and we enjoyed the special time together. Have you seen the ornament for 2022? Each year they get more beautiful!

The tree is so bright and festive. This white flocked beauty is 9 feet high and never disappoints. I’ll link the exact tree down below.

I’m so excited to get a new sofa for this room! I can’t wait to show it to you, should be arriving in the next couple weeks. The sofa we currently have in here, over 10 years old, will be moved into the family room. The sofa that we currently have in the family room, only 5 years old, has not held up well at all!! Very disappointing.

If you are interested in learning all my tips and tricks for decorating this tree, I invite you to watch this video.  My youtubers are thrilled with all the tips they learned and this video is also doing exceptionally well.

If you would like to see the room in more detail, please watch this video. The whole video is played to music and it’s just so calming and relaxing. There is also an evening view but first grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy!

Attached are links for your shopping convenience –

Tree – 

Christmas Tree

Ornaments (similar)

Feathers (snow)

Berry picks

White Ornaments

Magnolia Stems

Ribbon Red and White

 Ribbon Green

Mantel – 

Green Garland

Flocked Garland

Top Garland

Berry picks



Ginger Jars

Chicken Wire

Furniture –

Chairs (similar)

Coffee table




Wall Sconces

Cube Ottoman

Live Plant



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4 thoughts on “Christmas Living Room Reveal 2022, First of Five Trees Completed

  1. So so beautiful Denise – you’ve done a fabulous job, and your mantel is so stunning, I’m surprised Bentley could even think about falling asleep! I’d just sit there and stare at it all night! After that, I’d move on to your next tree! Can’t wait to see! ❤️

    1. Hi Barbara, isn’t Bentley funny?! That pretty much describes his personality 🤣 Easiest dog ever. I’m so glad you like the room, it was really fun to do and each year gets better and better. Today, I start on the kitchen tree 🙂 So happy to have you following along ❤️

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