Painting and Styling an Old Glass Cabinet

It all started with a trip to a local thrift shop. I spy with my little eye an adorable little glass cabinet with beautiful window pane inserts. Hmmmm……

The Before

Yes it needed a little love and attention but I could see the vision in my head. A beautiful blue cabinet with gold accents! Yes that’s it! And for just $85, I couldn’t pass it up.

And so it begins….the sanding, the painting and the gold. I won’t go through all the steps in this post but if you are interested in a detailed video of the process, click HERE.

Many hours were spent getting this cabinet to where it is today. A light sanding with fine grit sandpaper, a thorough washing to remove the dust, a primer coat and 2 layers of paint did the trick.It’s tempting to avoid sanding. Unless you are using mineral or milk paint, sanding is necessary. Even a light sanding is better than no sanding at all…and mine was light! I painted the inside of the cabinet too. This picture shows the inside with just the primer coat applied.

I love the gold accents! I used a tube of gold wax and applied it with a small brush since there was a lot of detailed work and grooves. I applied it to all the raised areas of the cabinet, the “trim” pieces. I even painted the handles and hinges with gold.

The After

The tricky part was installing the glass and panes back in the cabinet. It was a 2 person job to ensure the glass didn’t break. There are four small pieces of wood that hold the glass and panes in place and they were nailed into the cabinet. I didn’t feel comfortable trying to nail the pieces back into the cabinet so I used epoxy to hold the glass and panes in place.

Cabinet Paint Colors

The exterior color I used is called Van Courtland Blue by Benjamin Moore. The interior is called Affinity also by Benjamin Moore.

These are the materials I used to paint the cabinet.

Once I had my piece done, I moved it into the family room. The lighting is making the cabinet look bluer than it is in reality in the above picture.

I have a corner of the room that I was looking to add a piece of furniture and this cabinet is just what the space needs.

Styling a Glass Cabinet

Now for the really fun part! Styling the cabinet!

You know I love pretty plates and fell in love with these white ones.

The scalloped edges are perfect and the set divine. They look so good with so many plates and bowls, I’m so happy to have found them. If you like them too, you can shop the look in the LiketoKnowit App HERE. The blue plates I found while thrifting but I couldn’t find the dinner plates, I’m on the hunt for them, I also linked a few in my LTK app.

And what about the cute tassels on the door? Found on Amazon 😉

If you would like to see more ideas about styling a cabinet, check out my video 5 Ways to Style a Glass Cabinet.

On to the next project, which includes painting a foyer table. Lots of fun things going on in our foyer, stay tuned to hear more!



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