Foyer Refresh and Plans for 2023

The Christmas Foyer is no more…well just for now 😉

The 12 foot tree is down and put away for the time being. As much as I love the white twinkling tree, it is nice to have a change and give the space a refreshing look.

Foyer 2023 Ideas

As ready as I am for Spring, the weather tells me otherwise. We are still waiting for our first snow. Have you had any yet?

When I look at this space, I see a lot of empty walls. Been thinking about that and we’re looking into adding picture molding to the area. Been talking about this for a while and finally ready to get started! Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, thought I would give you a little tour of our foyer space in the evening. I love to turn all the lamps on and enjoy the soft lighting.

To give the space a feeling of Winter, I use stems from the Christmas trees and place them in a vase, centered on our foyer table.

Winter magnolias, frosty pinecone branches and anemone create a cozy Winter scene in our home.

One change I made to the space, was to move the round foyer table closer to the center of the area. Normally, it is placed against the wall, but centering it creates a visual symmetry that I love. Take a look…

Moving furniture around is always a great option, and often times offers new ideas and opportunities for creating additional space in a room.

I Painted our Foyer Table!

Do you remember this table that I sanded down last year?

I left the top natural and painted the drawers and legs black using milk paint. The look was ok for a while but not what I was looking for long term. Fun to play around with different looks for a space and sometimes it’s important to let a piece sit and determine if you really love the look.

When I decided to repaint this piece, I tried to paint it navy. Didn’t work out, sadly. The paint color was too blue and not enough of the dark navy as I was expecting, so black it is!

My friends are Benjamin Moore created a custom black for me and I love it. I added fun little key knobs with tassels and the look is just as I wanted!

You can see more of the before and after, check out my video HERE if you are interested.

I’m trying to decide if I want to add gold accents to the table, similar to the cabinet I painted blue and gold. What do you think?

I’m so happy you joined me here today and appreciate your ideas and comments!



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9 thoughts on “Foyer Refresh and Plans for 2023

  1. The black is beautiful!! I think some gold accents would be a great idea, your other piece with the gold is also stunning!! I would like to paint my China cabinet black. Thinking of a high glass black. The only black I’ve used is Tricorn Black by SW so we will see. My table and China cabinet are the same wood color (so glad wood tones are coming back) but would like some contrast. We painted an accent wall in our living room Hale Navy and it is much darker with black undertones than your table was. I think you made the right decision!

    1. Hi Emily. I love Tricorn Black a favorite of mine, you can’t go wrong using that color. Not sure what happened with my Hale Navy, it looked odd when I opened the can, not as dark as I was expecting. I’m glad I went black, looks very nice. GOld would look pretty right?! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Glad you moved table to center…perfect! Love the table black to pick up black in stair rail and floor. Yes, I would trim table and lamp in gold. I would put small blue velvet ribbon tied in bow on topiaries. I think wallpaper is the answer to walls because of height and you have different walls in foyer. I would also put a black tall urn with spiral faux topiary in it on the narrow wall on left past column opening. Can’t see what right side looks like if you could put urn there also. You ask for opinion/idea the reason I suggest. Have fun with projects….I love projects!!

    1. Hi Nancy! I certainly do want to hear your thoughts – thank you! You know, I have never thought of wall paper in the foyer..what an interesting idea! At the moment I am pursuing adding picture frames but may change my mind when the estimate comes in 😂 I love the velvet ribbon idea on the table topiaries!! Going to try that! Thanks for ideas! Interesting thought about those wall, I do have spiral topiaries outside…hmm…maybe I will bring them in and try it!

    1. Thanks so much! It’s actually getting warmer here not colder. So weird for January, typically one of our coldest months!

  3. Denise, I’m not crazy…lol. I meant wall beside columns not past columns for urn. Interested to see what you do in foyer.

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