Easy and Tangy Meatball Appetizer Recipe Cooked in a Crock Pot

This meatball appetizer dish is by far the easiest and breeziest to make to feed a crowd. Oh and it’s quite delish too!

Three Ingredients is All You Need

Can you believe it only requires 3 ingredients? Yup! Meatballs, jelly and chili sauce.

I’ve been making this appetizer for over 10 years now whenever I need something to feed a large group and it is always a crowd pleaser.

Add frozen meatballs, Chili sauce, and Grape Jelly into a crock pot, cook on low and voila!

Ingredient Picks

Chili Sauce – My personal favorite is Heinz. You can sub in a grocery store generic for a fraction of the price, and with grocery prices these days…why not?

Grape Jelly – I really like Smuckers and Welchs but again, a grocery store generic is a great alternative.

Meatballs – Pick your favorite fully cooked frozen meatballs. For my latest batch, I used ones on sale, they were chicken and pork. You can also use beef, turkey or any others favorites you love. Many times, I have used the Costco beef variety, they are large and very tasty.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!




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