Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes – No More Itching

Do any of you struggle with eyelash extensions? I want to share a tip I recently discovered.

First, let me say…I love having eyelash extensions! Besides making the eyes stand out, when you wake up in the morning…you are pretty much put together for the day. If I plan to go out, I will add a tad of blush, use an eyebrow pencil and some lip gloss but if I am staying in all day..nothing needed and I feel great.

Everyone has that one makeup piece they can’t do without. Have you ever heard the question, “if you were deserted on an island, what piece of makeup could you not live without?” For me…that would be eyelashes. Of course, if I were deserted on an island my eyelash artist would have to be deserted with me…to make this work! LOL! but that’s besides the point 😉

I get my extensions professionally done every few weeks. I first started with faux lashes about 10 years ago and then took a long break for many years. I started back up a few years ago and it’s been a rocky road since. I didn’t get to this point without trying many different avenues. Used mascara most of my life but always hated the raccoon eyes when it ran, hated taking it off and the extra rubbing it causes in the delicate eye area not to mention the clumpy look of the lashes. I even tried applying strip lashes myself and the shorter pieces…didn’t work for me.

Nothing beats the perfect, individual, bold and dark appearance of faux lashes. No smudging, no taking on and off each day, no clumping…just perfect lashes. BUT there is a down side! Allergy to the glue that is used to adhere the lashes. This allergy for me developed over time. When I had lashes many years ago, I never had an allergic reaction but these days I do. What changed? Not sure. Was is my body telling me it doesn’t appreciate this foreign substance on my skin? Are there more chemicals added to the glue to make them adhere longer? Whatever the reason, it was causing a lot of problems for me.

The allergy started small with itching on the eyelids after getting my lashes done. Then the itching spread to the lower lash line and when the allergy got really eyelids would get really inflamed and puffy with intense itching. At its worst, the area under my eyes would get inflamed as well.

To alleviate the symptoms, I started taking allergy medicine the day I had an appointment to get my lashes done. That helped a bit but not enough. Then I started taking a daily allergy pill in the evening (Zyrtec) and that helped significantly with the swelling under the eyes. But the itching on the eyelids was still there.

I went to several eyelash artists, and requested they use the sensitive eyelash glue. As far as I know, they all did, but the itching continued. Eventually, I took a break from the extensions to give my eyes a rest and regrow my natural lashes. That lasted about 2 months. I started back with an eyelash growth serum and started using mascara again and was quickly reminded how much I hated it.

Fast forward a couple months…I went back to getting my lashes professionally done BUT I took my own glue with me to the appointments.

I have to tell you the glue I am using now is making such a big difference! The amount of itching now has greatly subsided with this new glue. I can’t go as far as to say that I never have any itching…but the difference is dramatic.

Sensitive glues do not have a long shelf life. I keep mine in the refrigerator when not in use. My lash artist has used it several times now and I am really happy with the difference it is making. Generally speaking sensitive glues do not hold the lashes as well as regular glues, but I am happy with the hold. So much goes into the application and types of lashes that are used. The above picture is a more dramatic look and heavier lashes are used. Many times, I opt for a less dramatic look and shorter lashes that hold better. There is no one size fits all when it comes to lash extensions, you have to try it out and see what works for you and I have found this glue works well for me.

Just a tip I wanted to pass on. Happy Lashing!



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4 thoughts on “Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes – No More Itching

  1. Inflamed and puffy? That would scare me thinking I might lose my eyesight! They look good but please be careful. I’ve never tried them. I see a lot of ladies wearing faux lashes now.

    1. Hi Nancy, yes it’s not good. I have been having issues with my vision lately. I went to the eye doctor and asked him about the glue…he said it’s not related…but who knows

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