How to Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement like a Professional Step by Step Guide

If you love fresh flowers as much as I do, you must wonder what is the secret to creating a gorgeous arrangement? The easy part is finding beautiful flowers and a favorite vase, but then trying to arrange the flowers, they flop everywhere!

Here’s an easy solution. For certain vases, a wire grid is necessary to hold the stems and give them support.

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I used a metal wire mesh (HERE) to support my stems. The mesh works so well, and can be used for so many other home projects.

A good pair of wire clippers is also a must (HERE). Make sure they are sharp, which will make the cutting easier.

For this project, I am using my favorite heavy pedestal vase from Pier 1 (HERE). It has a wide opening, which is great for arranging a lot of flowers but challenging when it comes to getting the stems to stand upright. Hence the wire grid is perfect.

IMG_7539I measured the width of the vase to determine how much wire mesh I will need.

IMG_7548Then I measured the mesh.

IMG_7533I started cutting the wire grid, be careful the edges are  very sharp.

IMG_7549Now I have a nice square cut piece of mesh.

IMG_7550The size is good, but I have to cut off the corners to get it to fit into my round vase.

IMG_7552Looks good, I have a nice rounded piece of mesh.

IMG_7553I rolled the mesh wire downward until it fit into the vase comfortably, rolling the corners as well.

IMG_7554I achieved the perfect fit, where the mesh felt secure inside the vase and wasn’t going to move. Now we’re ready to start arranging the flowers.

IMG_7558I purchased these lovely blooms from our local Costco.


IMG_7560I started by emptying the flower preserve and filled my vase with cold water.


IMG_7567 Using the wire cutters, cut the stems at least 1 inch, but usually more depending on the size of the vase.

The secret to beautiful flower design is layering the stems. Always start from the bottom and put your biggest flowers around the edge. In this case, I put the large lily stems close to the corners, allowing them to hang over the vase slightly.

IMG_7568Then I added the other flowers, by type. I put in all the carnations, then all the anemone blossoms, and the roses. I added long pieces of eucalyptus and pine. It was very easy once I got going.

IMG_7569In some instances, I added 2 stems or pieces of filler to 1 square for support.

IMG_7568  The arrangement is becoming really full. It is so easy to achieve this look by using the wire mesh.

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11 thoughts on “How to Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement like a Professional Step by Step Guide

  1. So beautiful! I never thought to use wire mesh before–I always use a green floral foam cube, which also works but isn’t large enough to cover the whole container. I will try your tip next time! Thank you!

  2. This was really helpful! I’ve been thinking that we’re almost to the point where we can add “finishing touches” and I definitely need some beautiful flower arrangements!

  3. Wow that is beautiful! I don’t have any vases like that, just mostly because I have never tried arranging flowers like that. I will have to grab some of that wire from a craft store and give it a try.

    1. Glad you like it, and it was so easy to do! I didn’t have any luck finding the wire at Michaels, you’d think a craft store would carry it! Thanks for stopping by!

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