Update on Our Modern French Country Kitchen Remodel (One Room Challenge)

It’s been 2 months since we completed our Kitchen remodel for the Fall 2017 Edition of The One Room Challenge. If you missed this exciting event in which we were a guest participant, you can catch up on all the details and the final reveal HERE.

I still think back to all the work we did, the choices we made, and are very happy with our decisions. The Challenge was a great way to motivate and hold us accountable to a timely completion for remodeling our kitchen space over a 7 week period. We put a ton of effort into the makeover and are so pleased we made the decision to go ahead and get it done.

Two months later, with daily use the cabinet paint is holding up very well. Food and drink have spilled on the cabinets, I have scrubbed them several times and the paint has not chipped, peeled, or faded.

We recently received the kitchen bar stools that we custom ordered, but hadn’t arrived in time for the final reveal.

fullsizeoutput_7956The color of the bar stools is granite and the legs are finished in gray oak. The stools have a curved silhouette and tapered legs and the back of the stools are detailed with oil rubbed bronze nailheads.

fullsizeoutput_78deThey are very soft and comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, like watching TV or having dinner. I still have to see how they hold up to my kids sticky dirty and grimy little fingers..but so far so good. (Instilling the fear of death if they get food on the stools doesn’t hurt either) 😉 Kidding! Being duck taped to the wall should suffice. Kidding again!!!!

fullsizeoutput_7954I am planning our next One Room challenge beginning this April. I have chosen to remodel a powder room that I ripped apart 9 months ago and has been sadly hanging out ever since. So stay tuned!! Lots of good stuff happening on Happy Haute Home this year. So make sure to subscribe to get bi-weekly updates delivered to your inbox.

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16 thoughts on “Update on Our Modern French Country Kitchen Remodel (One Room Challenge)

    1. Right?! Hard to have anything nice with kids around! But it doesn’t stop me from buying nice things 🙂

    1. Hi Toya, you can do! Not that hard really, a few updates change the whole look of the room. Check out my post from the final reveal to see what updates make the biggest impact. Good Luck!

  1. A beautiful kitchen, I have been wondering about painting our cabinets because I replaced the counter backsplash and floor tile so now the cabinets are looking sad. What do you think about sanding them down and maybe a darker stain instead of paint?

    1. Personally, I would go with paint, it’s a cleaner look and more modern. I would be worried about staining especially if they aren’t all wood cabinets. To try staining, experience is critical…could really mess them up if not careful. Paint is easier to cover a mistake 🙂

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