Rose, Lily and Artichoke Centerpiece – Step by Step DIY Guide

Did you know that artichokes are actually flowers? Artichokes, considered a gourmet vegetable due to the delicate flavor of the ball-like flowerheads, are picked and eaten before they have a chance to bloom. 

What is an Artichoke?

Artichokes, which are also called globe or French artichokes, are a large perennial plant native to the western and central Mediterranean region, and cousins to chrysanthemums, dahlias and sunflowers.

History of the Artichoke

The long leaves of the artichoke plant were used in the medieval era for medicinal purposes as they are sources of antioxidants. The Italians started using the artichoke head and heart in dishes as early as 1400.

How to Use an Artichoke for Eating

To grab the part of the artichoke you’d want to eat, you would pick the bulb before it blooms and either bake, boil or steam it .

Using Artichokes in a Floral Arrangement

Considering artichokes are flowers, it makes perfect sense to use them in floral arrangements. Their unique ball-like shape, color and texture make them a perfect addition to a floral arrangement, and they are unlike any other flower.

fullsizeoutput_86e6For this arrangement, I am using a white footed salad bowl. It’s amazing what you can find in your cupboards when you start digging around your home for unique flower vessels.

Cut wet floral foam HERE to fit your vessel and add another small layer on top. Adding the additional layer of foam will give the centerpiece added height.

yQGIBhKVSBGFCKTe3%oLvAI am using wood picks HERE to secure the artichoke to the centerpiece.

fullsizeoutput_86e8Soak your floral foam in water.

evOvxkT8QyWEthOpFh%MJQAdd a pick to secure the top layer of the foam to the bottom. You could use floral tape HERE as well, but it is not necessary.

fullsizeoutput_86f0If the artichoke stems are too long, cut them shorter so they easily fit on top of the foam.

Using the rule of 3, insert the pointy side of the wood pick into the artichoke stem. The rule of 3 dictates that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings.

Insert the picks with artichokes into the top piece of foam.

fullsizeoutput_86d8Next, insert lily stems into the sides of the bottom piece of foam.

fullsizeoutput_86dfAdd 6 roses (2 sets of 3) to the bottom layer of the foam.

fullsizeoutput_86dcAdd filler leaves to the bottom layer as needed to fill in any gaps.

fullsizeoutput_86f2Voila! A lovely Artichoke and Rose centerpiece – A unique and unusual combination that definitely creates interest.

Do you have any favorite flower combinations that you recommend?

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    1. Thank you Lynn!!! Isn’t it a cool look? Looks beautiful as well with autumn flowers! Thanks for visiting!

    1. Hi Tiffany, glad you enjoyed it, thank you for visiting! You are right, this would be a beautiful Christmas display. Fall colors are gorgeous with artichokes as well.

  1. What a wonderful and beautiful centre piece. I love your arrangement. I love artichokes, you can’t live without it when you are on the French planet earth hahahah! Yes is it pretty also when mixed in a flower arrangement. I love yours, too much. Well done! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Juli, yes you are right. Having a french dad, I learned to like artichokes at a young age 🙂 So happy you like it! Hugs

      1. Hi Denise, hahaha, you made me laugh, yes Artichokes, you will never escape it when you your circle have French tastes of everything haha, tell me about it. It is very nice, I really love it. Was nice to read from you today. Have wonderful weekend!

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