How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Probably the hardest part of setting up a Christmas tree is making the ribbon look stylish and professional.

As a child I remember putting tinsel strands on the tree one by one, I used to love decorating the tree when I was young.

I still love decorating trees but my style has evolved over the years. We have all wrapped our trees in a circular ribbon pattern using a single uncut roll – which is very common. I like experimenting with different types of ribbon methods on my trees, such as The Double – Triple Loop Ribbon Method for Decorating a Christmas Tree and How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon Using Different Methods.

My inspiration for having a beautifully wrapped tree using ribbon started with Frongate. Yes I blame those gorgeous magazines with thick colored pages of professionally decorated trees that hooked me every year. I just had to learn how they made their trees looks so amazing! It led to my ribbon obsession…yes between you and me – I go nuts for beautiful ribbon! I can’t tell you how many rolls I have bought this year..most of them I won’t use…I’ll just hoard them in a container for well…just in case 😉

Today I want to show you a very simple ribbon method to decorate your tree. The most important lesson to learn here is don’t be afraid to cut your ribbon! I know how you feel, I used to be afraid to cut my ribbon too, leaving it in one roll and wrapping it around the tree. If I got daring, I would cut the roll in 2 or at most 3 pieces….baby steps.fullsizeoutput_91fdBut these days I am not afraid to cut my ribbon, because I know ribbon looks so much nicer in small pieces that one single piece…plus I have a shit ton of it!

In this method I used a 10 yard roll and cut it into 7 pieces, with each piece being about 3 feet or 1 yard. Using wired ribbon will give you the best results and also cut the ends on a diagonal as shown above.

I used the remainder of the 10 yard roll to make a bow, check out the tutorial How to Make a Simple Holiday Bow with a Tail.

STSoUl9yQImIjW3EEHOCNgYou want to attach each piece to the tree randomly in no particular pattern. Take a piece of ribbon and gather it in the middle and tuck it back into the tree. Use a small branch to wrap around the ribbon and secure it.

fullsizeoutput_9123I place a flower stem in the center of each piece of ribbon to give it a finished look.

fullsizeoutput_9124Create a rounded loop and let the ends hang down or tucked into the tree.

OpkfJACATa+Zt+AMzCEfnQAgain, use a random pattern, place some pieces of ribbon vertically, some horizontally, and some diagonally.

Sc+2rV7HTVKSwP8oufN5gARemember to step back and check your work often to see if any adjustments are necessary.

sYiTRQURS+yrAKY8zeBLdQI used 7 pieces of ribbon, but you can use a lot more to create a very full effect. You can also use different colored ribbons, up to 3, anymore than that can start to look messy.

Have fun with the ribbon, play around, try different styles and don’t be afraid to cut your ribbon! You’ll be amazed at the end result!

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