Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Flocked Christmas Tree 2018

You all know I love flocked Christmas trees right?! Sharing some ideas and tips today of how I decorated my wintery tree this year. 

Why are these Winter trees so popular? Having a flocked trees satisfies our longing for a white Christmas, even if it doesn’t snow on Christmas day, we still get that snowy tree feeling throughout the season 🙂

Flocking of Christmas trees dates back longer than you might think, to the 1800s when things like flour and cotton were used to flock a tree. Although I have not tried it myself, if you are an avid DIYer, you may want to try flocking your own tree.

If you would rather skip the mess and buy a tree already flocked, I suggest you check out Frontgate HERE. My flocked Frontgate tree is 10 feet tall, fairly wide, very full, and fully flocked.

Next, make sure to measure your space before you purchase a tree, you will also want to check out 3 Tips to Setting up a Christmas Tree Like a Pro. These tips will give you a full and professional look and who doesn’t want that? 😉 

You can also check out my Insta stories HERE for my video tutorial of decorating a flocked tree.

vCUrPYi2SpGjDuHgJXUaGAHere are some of the items I used on my tree. Eight rolls of fur ribbon and white snowball ornaments, all from Hobby Lobby HERE. I decided not to use the short stems pictured above, they were too small.

HydxFT94RXCiscTIqbsD7gAfter fluffing the tree, the next step was to put the fur ribbon onto the tree.

lOzPvmQ9QxKH380jDJRsGQThere are a couple ways to do this, you can place it on the back of the branches or have it hang on the front of the branches. I did it both ways and like it better on the front branches.

fullsizeoutput_937dNext I put my ornaments onto the tree. My mercury ornaments are large, small, etched, foiled, ombre, and mercury. They are simply beautiful and very HEAVY!

fullsizeoutput_9380After putting my ornaments on the tree, I inserted my stems into the tree. I used pinecone branches that have a dusting of snow, and angled them downward. 

fullsizeoutput_9386I found these long stems at Michaels.

fullsizeoutput_9383I used a variety of stems on my tree including these furry flowers. 

MqJwZVAKTFiAr2zEPpLW0AAnd white frosted Magnolia stems. 

JW689LS0Q72c0FMdY6od2gI also used white frosted poinsettia stems.

fullsizeoutput_937eThe combination and different textures of the stems give the tree a balanced look. I grouped my magnolia stems throughout the tree.

fullsizeoutput_938bI used maybe 10 poinsettia stems in total.

3ONsLEfVRbeGI7OKGnYyewIn a couple areas of the tree, I also grouped together bunches of anemone flowers.

fullsizeoutput_9387I placed loose pinecones on a few of the branches as well, many of which were gathered from our yard.

fullsizeoutput_9382Ornaments with different textures and sparkle add to the wintery look of the tree.

fullsizeoutput_9389The pink ombre ornaments are so pretty.

fullsizeoutput_938aThe tree has well over one thousand white lights.

fullsizeoutput_9385I added in a few other white and silver ornaments I have collected over the years.

XFh1wG78S0Whahv+vGzJuQDifferent pinecone sizes add to the dimension of the tree. These are mini pinecones.

fullsizeoutput_9384For the topper, I used magnolia leaves with gold center bulbs and grouped them with gold leaves and tied them all together with a gold ribbon.

7pAwkleZQWCMb2wANbrJawI staggered the white poinsettia stems is a zig zag or “S” pattern from top to bottom.

d74yD1kQACXKEnB0bHjA.jpgNear the bottom of the tree, I have one oversized glass ornament taking center stage. 

lMI52WDoQwef4j7CajoTjgThe tree is in our kitchen and we are enjoying it immensely. I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season, much more to come.

Check out more holiday decorating tips on my Youtube channel HERE and more trees at My Favorite Faux Christmas Trees.

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8 thoughts on “Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Flocked Christmas Tree 2018

  1. Denise, the fur balls & ribbon just make a statement. You must shop all the time. I hope to run into you sometime. Love, love, love the tree. I might attempt a flocked tree next year. Saw some at Home Goods. Have a wonderful holiday.

    1. LOL Donna…that’s what my husband would say! 🙂 Yes, try to get one in the after Christmas sales this year…you will love it! Thanks for commenting!

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