Dining at the Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills along Canon Drive, Spago is Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, known for serving California cuisine.

History of the Spago Restaurant

The first Spago location opened in 1982, on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. The second Spago restaurant opened at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, on the Las Vegas Strip in 1992. It was closed in 2017 and re-located to Bellagio in 2018. In 1997, Wolfgang Puck opened a third location on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.

Our Vist to Spago in Beverly Hills

We added dinner at Spago to our travel itinerary of Attending the 2019 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles & Preparing for the Event along with Our Skiing Adventure at Lake Tahoe (Heavenly) – the Good & the Bad.

So why were we so interested in going to Spago? As I have mentioned in prior posts, I come from a European background, my dad is a French chef and my mom was born and raised in Austria. If you combine the two, you will understand my fascination with Wolfgang Puck. Wolfgang was also born and raised in Austria and is presently the most famous chef. Spago made Wolgang Puck a household name, so I was eager to visit his Flagship restaurant. As an added bonus, the restaurant also attracts celebrities who regularly get photographed leaving dinner, our kids were intrigued by the thought of seeing someone famous. 

n2xVOR1qz+KZAl4+ySQSpago is located in Beverly Hills, a ways away from our hotel in downtown Los Angeles,  so our family of 4 took an Uber to the restaurant. The outside of the restaurant is very inconspicuous, our driver accidentally passed it the first time around.

urmb9fxhRZqPw8bVBFEHOwWhen visiting a new restaurant, we typically like to arrive before our designated reservation time to allow for cocktails at the bar, before being seated for dinner. We arrived at the restaurant at 5pm, right at opening.

SZjTfvQJR+OUdF2GC44StAWe enjoyed cocktails at a cozy table in the bar area, a glass of champagne for me, an Old Fashioned for my hubs and Shirley Temples for the kids.

GdiKMg0VQVyLXsKU4EUMtgThe garden terrace of the restaurant can be seen through the wood doors from the bar.

Nk%gJ%T5T1ahmRkcg0jKYgSince we arrived at opening, I was able to take pictures of the restaurant before patrons arrived.

oouPydnFSHqMjmVy2JU1rwThe garden terrace is so quaint and has 2 cozy fireplaces.

NV+%WWp0S72wpf94NLrf2gTwinkling lights on the trees add to the ambiance of the heated terrace.

q2V2+6m2QzShQEZHYxibVAThe atmosphere of the restaurant is serene and romantic, a great place for date night.

OtLQ0sQ7R7W5Ib4EK0A7tgThis double sided fireplace is situated between the garden terrace and the main dining room.

KFU66y5PQZSGlTumjPAA peek inside the main dining room from the terrace.

BjswEVVXRxyh5Q9NkgmGHwIt appears that managers and staff were having a meeting before opening for dinner. I can already tell I am going to like this place.

YkzwJmbGQbKK2lBDb+JTgwWe are seated in the main dining room. Seating in the garden terrace is granted by special request when making the reservation. I was unaware of this, and asked to be seated in the terrace. The maître de said she could grant the request but our time would be limited due to another reservation, so instead we chose to sit in the main dining room.

c21nwulqRWWAlSqgrbZEKgThe main dining room has a very decorative tree sculpture situated in the middle of the room, where it can be seen from every angle.

lx1IFXCHTb+LbPwSyXgwdwThe menu options included either a Taster’s Menu or A La Carte selections. Since we don’t care for Wagyu steak, we chose the A La Carte options.

tJ+3wVXrQsSWZxJ4Ocz+7AThe menu included a good variety of meat and seafood, several options from which to choose.

lvM+GgiFSgu4eHO%VVEt+AThe dessert options looked scrumptious as well.

yGrtcqxvRV6FIA3I6HrK%QA bread bowl with crackers and rolls was served to us and accompanied by hummus and butter.

a4UzUAjDSYC7P0u1P8BxtAFor our first course, we chose the Kuluga Caviar with sour cream, egg yolk and creme fraiche. The caviar was excellent, even though the kids hated it.

7dYWgQXnQgyjk%W8FWJSrAOur second course came covered in a cloche.

qCF+uIsJR6mSTlFfEPbiMAWe selected the French Black Truffles with Tagliatelle in a mushroom sauce. It was amazing!

XZB7kd7ERSSFjx6hDY+vygFor the main course, I chose the rack of lamb which was perfectly cooked.

dyI0d9N0Q3erGwCzPzMR0QAnd my hubby chose the Black Bass, accompanied by Spanish Chorizo and Littleneck Clams. He raved about the bass and loved his entree choice.

0oQrVnfRQiGm9HUf3mBEbgWe had a prefect view of the kitchen where all the action happens. Wondering what the kids ate? I’d like to say that my kids have a sophisticated palate but they don’t, they each had a fresh baked brick oven cheese pizza and then complained the bottom was cooked too much 🙄 . My daughter did try the Black Truffles and liked them…so there is hope!

Despite my best efforts to put new foods in front of them, they like plain pasta and their favorite restaurant is Chipotle. This is difficult for me, being raised by a french chef. I was eating escargot and frog legs by the age of 10. Even though my daughter eats only 4 things…she has now decided she is vegetarian, making my serving options even more complicated….I digress 😔

mm3XtkSQTgyC4D4V4zQMost top tier restaurants have an EPIC woman’s restroom, which deserves a visit. Spago was no different, had to stop in to check it out.

My Recommendation

Our dinner was fabulous, and we enjoyed our selections and the ambiance immensely. As for the cost? Uh….yea it was very expensive, not gonna lie! Not a place to visit frequently, more of a special occasion destination. By the end of the evening, the restaurant was packed, and no my kids didn’t see anyone famous..much to their dismay.

As a child, my parents dragged me to French restaurants all the time, I didn’t appreciate the experience then, but looking back now, I’m glad they did. Our kids were the only children in the restaurant, and we hope they will remember and cherish the special experience for many years.

Another aspect I really liked about our dinner – I left feeling very satisfied but not stuffed. As I have discussed in How I lost 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks, I am working to lose another 5 pounds and have no interest in regaining my lost weight. I felt good after our meal at Spago.

Have you been to any of Wolgang Puck’s restaurants?

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12 thoughts on “Dining at the Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California

    1. Hi Joe! I’m not a huge fan of the LA area either, but it does have some hidden gems, and Spago is one of them.

  1. The food looks amazing. I agree with you on exposing kids to different types of cuisine early; we try but it is challenging! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad to hear I am not the only one having issues getting my kids to eat different foods. Hoping one day their palette will expand..can’t live on pasta forever! Thanks for visiting.

    1. Nice! Have you been to the one in Beverly Hills or another one? We really enjoyed our evening there, very memorable.

    1. You never know! Had our Grammy opportunity not come up, we would not have gone either. Never know what life brings 😉

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