Dining at the Edgewood Restaurant in Tahoe on Valentine’s Day

Recently selected as one of the “100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America”, the Edgewood Restaurant does not disappoint.

Visiting Edgewood

We were fortunate enough to be in Tahoe on Valentine’s Day, so my hubs surprised me with a fabulous dinner at the Edgewood Restaurant. Dinner at Edgewood was a highlight of our trip to Tahoe. Unfortunately Our Skiing Adventure at Lake Tahoe (Heavenly) – the Good & the Bad didn’t turn out so well.

Let’s focus on the positive aspects of the trip. We arrived at a time when Tahoe was receiving a tremendous amount of snow, more than normal…and Tahoe’s “normal” is a ton!

The Reason for our Visit to Edgewood

Attending the 2019 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles & Preparing for the Event was the main reason for our trip out West. A visit to Lake Tahoe to go skiing was an add on to our vacation. But the scenery in Tahoe was worth the trip, even though skiing was a bust.

fullsizeoutput_99b7Our drive to the restaurant from our Lodge was beautiful! Look at all this snow! I mean WOW!

fullsizeoutput_9a5fEdgewood is a Lodge situated right next to Lake Tahoe. This picture was taken after dinner so it was already dark outside but all the snow really brightened up the setting.

J0KLTGM3SwWDwhPBbMZJswDuring the summer months, the resort offers a wide range of amenities including Golf. The resort also has a Spa to relax those tired muscles after skiing.

fullsizeoutput_9a3dWe arrived at the restaurant around 5pm, the sun was beginning to set over the mountains and the view was spectacular.

nTfhD6ILRVadLzsZLsFdQgBeing at Edgewood during the Winter months and particularly during a huge storm, gave us a different perspective but seeing all this snow in a setting like this was breath taking.

bVt0hqhBSEiMJxEW1ParuwEverything was covered in a thick blanket of snow.


Dining at the Edgewood Restaurant

Our table was situated next to the window, where we enjoyed views of the Lake during dinner.

fullsizeoutput_99c9The view from our table was incredible, the setting outstanding.

5LwWTHa4TV+6U%uBqdfq9QBeing here on Valentine’s Day made the experience more special….lucky me ☺️

8cznTluJSR2ubOZmNTMYQQThe five course dinner was a set menu and price.

fullsizeoutput_9a57The first course was a lobster salad with balsamic caviar.

fullsizeoutput_9a59The second course was asparagus and roasted mushroom with toasted nuts and a truffle vinaigrette.

fullsizeoutput_9a5aFor the main course, we each chose the char grilled prime filet mignon. It was amazing, along with several glasses of champagne 😉

fullsizeoutput_9a5bDessert was a real treat! I have been staying away from rich desserts in an effort to shed some pounds, but this course was light and didn’t give me that overly full feeling.

fullsizeoutput_9a5cAfter dinner we relaxed by the fire outside the restaurant.

If you love beautiful scenery, water views, and fine dining, the Edgewood Restaurant is definitely a great place to visit if you are ever visiting South Lake Tahoe.

A sunset view over the Lake, how beautiful is that?

How do you vacation? What kind of things do you like to do?

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6 thoughts on “Dining at the Edgewood Restaurant in Tahoe on Valentine’s Day

  1. Edgewood is a beautiful place and I’ve never seen it covered in so much snow! Your pictures are lovely. I live in Sacramento which is only an hour and a half away. I really should go to Tahoe more often!

    1. Hi Abby! The snow was gorgeous – a beautiful site for sure. But I’m glad you didn’t try to come the week we were there, I heard horror stories from folks that it took 13 hours to get to Tahoe from Sacramento! Summer would be a great time to visit, I hear July 4th is very popular in Tahoe. Thanks for visiting.

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